Wildscaping Worldwide Vision



A fair chance & equality for ALL life.


Celebrate & Protect Our UK Wildlife In Law

It's time to address our whole relationship with all of the species that share our landscape with us (it's currently a legal minefield for our UK wildlife to receive even the minimum of respect/consideration/care).

'Home Habitats UK'

I am speaking with charities who repurpose derelict housing for homeless people, to hopefully drive an additional form of donations their way (to help them to help BOTH more humans & wildlife) by enabling them (with 'green' funding) to renovate those same properties as 'Home Habitats' for humans & wild lives alike: with bird bricks, bat houses, green walls and bee bricks, to name a few eco-improvements.

'Home Habitats Worldwide'

The journey to launching 'Wildscaping Worldwide' all began with being asked to help 8 disabled youngsters in a hospital in Swaziland, many years ago. 

That was when I first really woke to the needs of those who are most vulnerable across our planet.

Collaborating with property, environmental & finance consultants, here is a wonderful - super simple - opportunity to provide homes/habitat to humans/local wildlife across our globe: 'Home Habitats Worldwide...'

'Home Habitats'

The welfare of our fellow human beings is of equal importance to the welfare of all species on our planet.

What is a 'home' but another word for 'habitat'?

'Home Habitats' is about providing homes for our humans/wildlife concurrently (we all matter).

Wildscaping Our UK Landscape & Worldwide

I am working with members of the public, ecologists, councillors, businesses & wildlife professionals as we work together to transform our UK urban landscape into a nationwide landscape of urban wildernesses: starting from within our Wildscaped Interiors, Wildscaped Homesteads & out into our local Wildscaped Communities.

ALL of my 2 years of research, processes & plans are accessible FREE for anyone worldwide who wants to implement/adapt them to wildscape their homes/communities too.

Rubbish Revived

Wildscaped spaces will still be full of hazards/harm for the wildlife who live in them if they aren't free of ALL litter.  'RR' is a positive, creative way to work together to convert hazardous litter into wildscaping aids.

UK Wildlife Transporters

While we wildscape together - offering a permanent solution for our global wildlife/people - I have ALSO set up this Emergency Service to save those feathery/furry/spiky lives NOW that are struggling with the current scarcity of habitat/resources.