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Wildscaping Worldwide Vision



Wild equality, love, freedom & a fair chance for EVERY life.


Wildlife Care Badge

The WCB is a self-regulation accreditation scheme (developed and launched by Vets, Vet Nurses, Wildlife Rescues & Rehabbers & other Wildlife Professionals) to ensure that wildlife casualties in Vets & Rescue Centres receive the VERY best care, to be either swiftly rehabilitated and released OR kept in high welfare conditions for longer term sanctuary (if they are disabled, or otherwise unreleasable).

'Home Habitats UK'

I am speaking with charities who repurpose derelict housing for homeless people, to hopefully drive an additional form of donations their way (to help them to help BOTH more humans & wildlife) by enabling them (with 'green' funding) to renovate those same properties as 'Home Habitats' for humans & wild lives alike: with bird bricks, bat houses, green walls and bee bricks, to name a few eco-improvements.

'Home Habitats Worldwide'

The journey to launching 'Wildscaping Worldwide' all began with being asked to help 8 disabled youngsters in a hospital in Swaziland, many years ago. 

That was when I first really woke to the needs of those who are most vulnerable across our planet.

Collaborating with property, environmental & finance consultants, here is a wonderful - super simple - opportunity to provide homes/habitat to humans/local wildlife across our globe: 'Home Habitats Worldwide...'

'WW Handbook'

A comprehensive step-by-step 'How To Guide' on wildscaping our planet: starting with wildscaping our home interiors/exteriors & wildscaping our local communities & organisations.


 (Local actions = Global impact).


Wildscaping Our UK Landscape & Worldwide

I am working with members of the public, ecologists, councillors, businesses & wildlife professionals as we work together to transform our UK urban landscape into a nationwide landscape of urban wildernesses: starting from within our Wildscaped Interiors, Wildscaped Homesteads & out into our local Wildscaped Communities.

Rubbish Revived

Wildscaped spaces will still be full of hazards/harm for the wildlife who live in them if they aren't free of ALL litter.  'RR' is a positive, creative way to work together to convert hazardous litter into wildscaping aids.

UK Wildlife Transporters

While we wildscape together - offering a permanent solution for our global wildlife/people - I have ALSO set up this Emergency Service to save those feathery/furry/spiky lives NOW that are struggling with the current scarcity of habitat/resources.

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