Wildlife Supported/Saved Today

Wildscaping WILL ensure that our environment is the first & strongest level of habitat, support, resource & healing for all of our local UK wildlife.  


But in the meantime (as we transform our urban landscapes around us, to become wildernesses) I've founded UK Wildlife Transporters (with over 200 Drivers across the UK already) to support & save 1000s of little (and not so little) lives.


I have also recently launched the Wildlife Care Badge.

The WCB is a self-regulation accreditation scheme (developed and launched by Vets, Vet Nurses, Wildlife Rescues & Rehabbers & other Wildlife Professionals) to ensure that wildlife casualties in Vets & Rescue Centres receive the VERY best care, to be either swiftly rehabilitated and released OR kept in high welfare conditions for longer term sanctuary (if they are disabled, or otherwise unreleasable)…


Currently, there is no regulation for wildlife rehabilitation within England, Wales & Northern Ireland: literally anyone can (and some have) announced themselves to be a Wildlife Rehabber and started to ‘treat’ poorly wildlife, with no training & no experience.  (1000s of wildlife casualties suffer every year from ill treatment).


The WCB empowers Wildlife Rescues/Rehabbers to be set up to a standard where they can meet knowledge and practical requirements, connect and work with a supportive local vet and treat wildlife casualties case by case, acknowledging & empathising with them as individuals.