Wildlife Supported/Saved Today

Wildscaping WILL ensure that our environment is the first & strongest level of habitat, support, resource & healing for all of our local UK wildlife.  


But in the meantime (as we transform our urban landscapes around us, to become wildernesses) I've founded UK Wildlife Transporters (with over 450 Drivers across the UK already) to support & save 1000s of little (and not so little) lives.

Under the UKWT Banner, I'm already lucky enough to collaborate with these amazing people...


If you contact us with a wildlife casualty and you DON'T already have a rescue place secured for it, we send you across to Help Wildlife for them to help you find your local Rescues, secure a place and then they send you back to us, for us to help organise transport for you, if you are unable to transport the casualty yourself.

We have recently partnered to collaborate with a wonderful vet - specialising in wildlife care - to work together to reach out to every veterinary practice across the UK to offer them additional support with the wildlife casualties who frequently get dropped off to them, without notice.

Vets will often struggle for space for the long term rehabilitation of wildlife (or the raising of a baby mammal/bird that has suddenly been left at their front desk by a member of the public) so from NOW on, vets will be offered the chance to contact our team of volunteers who will not only reach out to local rescues and secure a space for the wildlife casualty but also organise a Driver to pick up the casualty & transport it to the Rescue, allowing vets to continue their equally valuable work.

To support local rescues, we will also be asking vets to add an option for their customers to donate to their local rescues too, via their websites.



...For example, a fox, badger or swan... You would and let us know the situation, the species and the location and we will reach out to Beastwatch to ask one of their local Responders to head out to you to help contain the animal.

If you don't already have a Rescue place secured for the casualty, one of our TEAM will reach out to local Rescues on your behalf to secure a place.

One of our Drivers will - most likely - also attend the scene to transport the (once-contained) casualty to the Rescue who has agreed to take the casualty.

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