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Wildlife Supported/Saved Through WW Efforts


Wildscaping WILL ensure that our environment is the first & strongest level of habitat, support, resource & healing for all of our local UK wildlife.  


But in the meantime (as we transform our urban landscapes around us, to become wildernesses) WW founded UK Wildlife Transporters in 2020 (under the WW umbrella, with over 200 Drivers nationwide) and over 2000 wild lives have received urgent medical or sanctuary care thus far thanks to UKWT efforts.



The Wildlife Care Badge has also recently been launched - in 2022 - with WW Founder, me, as one of the Co-Founders.

As the Wildlife Rescue Industry is unregulated in Wales, England and Northern Ireland, whenever a member of the public takes a wildlife casualty to a Wildlife Rescue or Rehabber, they can't know in advance - unless it is one of the few very large centres - whether they are dropping that animal off at the welfare equivalent of a hospital or a horror shop.  The Wildlife Care Badge wants to change all that... 


The WCB is a self-regulation accreditation scheme (developed for over a year and launched by Vets, Vet Nurses, Wildlife Rescues & Rehabbers & other Wildlife Professionals) to ensure that wildlife casualties in Vets & Rescue Centres receive the VERY best care, to be either swiftly rehabilitated and released OR kept in high welfare conditions for longer term sanctuary (if they are disabled, or otherwise unreleasable).

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