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Wildscaping Our Planet


(WW Ticks All Of The Boxes That The Other Organisations Do AND More)



(They Tick These Boxes)

Examining & sharing all of the ways to honestly power/fuel our lives/lifestyles

Electric cars

Solar/Hydro/Wind Energy

Don't travel

Walk/cycle (don't drive)

Turn off unnecessary electrics in the home

How to sustain ourselves: what should we consume?

Shop local

Plant based food

Increase biodiversity

Don't use pesticides

Plants trees

Create wild spaces

Create habitat

Leave no trace

Bird, bat & bee bricks

Insect houses

Hedgehog Highways

Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Hunt Sabs & Badger Vaccination Programme

Don't litter

Recognising that we are all 'wild' beings (wildscaping our homes, organisations & communities).

What should we take (living more in harmony with other beings) and how should we take and how can we take from what has already been taken?

Don't use plastic



Natural products

Self love & self care (in all of the medically proven ways that our planet already supports us).

"Get outside for your mental health"

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