“Driven doesn’t even begin to describe Alana and her cause. Her motivation and determination to put good into the world is as infectious as it is wild. And I think the world needs a little more wild, which is exactly what Alana is trying to build, encourage and reconnect people with.

It is a valiant cause pure of heart, but with the bones to hold it up and the spirit to push it forward. Making the world a better place for all, big or small.” - Amy Kingsley Hughes


“Alana is super engaged, passionate and committed to bring people together in their common love for nature and the wild.” - Edward Pike

“Alana’s steel determination gives me so much hope for the future. We need more humans like her to help us all thrive and reconnect.” - Juliette Lee


“Alana puts her heart and soul into everything she does, true passion and love for all of nature and taking care of our fragile planet. You can’t help but want to join her on this amazing journey.” - Helen Pateman

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“From over the 10 years I've known Alana, I can say that commitment, compassion and sincerity are woven into her DNA.” - Jude Owusu

“In our greatest time of disconnection from ourselves, each other and  our environment, Alana’s lived experience of the healing potential of living more wildly is vital.  Her naturalness, energy and enthusiasm re-engages us with what matters, greater connection and our aliveness.” - Alison Pilling