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Wildscape OUR World

WW offers a range of services, from free 'wild' resources to our 'on the spot' wildscaping of your premises...

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Free Resources & Support

You can start finding out about what WW calls 'living wildly' just by using the free resources on this website (Honest Planet, Upcycling Links & Case Studies) as well as joining the free Our Planet (Wild Living) Facebook Group.

Wildscaping Handbook(s)


These 2 handbooks are based on over 23 years of experience in human & animal welfare and finally 'planet welfare' as a whole: working to harmonise humans and ALL life, across our world.

These Handbooks are unique, comprehensive & wildly inspired guides to how we can all maximise our wild existences...

Wild Money Pot


This scheme has the double benefit of funding wild emergency efforts so that we can make sure that every wildlife casualty/orphan in the UK always gets the medical & rehabilitative care that they need AND it funds the wilding up of our UK spaces: enabling environments that support wildlife to thrive.

Want A Wilder Workplace?
(Online Course)


A remote bespoke service (accompanying a pdf copy of both 'handbooks') to help your organisation to integrate more harmoniously with our planet (enabling the overall thriving of our planet, as well as those that your organisation serves).

Want A Wilder Residence?
(Online Course)

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A remote bespoke service (accompanying a pdf copy of both 'handbooks') to help you to integrate your home and daily actions more harmoniously with your local environment as well as our planet as a whole.

'Wildlife First Aid Officer' Course

Would you like a 'Wildlife First Aid Officer' in your home and/or workplace?

Wildlife casualties need help urgently when found and it's surprising how many people find a wildlife casualty on the way to work or even on the work place premises itself.

Equally...  At least half of the calls to Wildlife Rescues about poorly/orphaned wildlife casualties are from people who have found these animals in their garden and need urgent advice on how to help them.

Having an allocated 'Wildlife First Aid Officer' in your work place or at home gives you the best chance to save that furry/feathery/spiky life.​


Wildscaping Officer / Project Manager

Do you have any kind of land/property (whether commercial or residential) that you would like to wildscape?

Some of our most favourite WW projects have been when we have been invited in person to examine a space (whether land, property or both) to help collaborate with the owners to draw up designs to enable everyone (humans, wildlife, plantlife and all other life) to coexist in much greater harmony and with much greater understanding.

We have had some wonderful successes with St. Mark's Church and Alsager Council.  Get in touch if you'd like to find out more about how we might be able to help you in the same way:

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