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Our planet is not complicated: it is made up of building blocks (you can see them below) of undeniable truths/facts that act together - as a foundation - from which our whole planet sets itself up to thrive.


Only by recognising, accepting and living by these truths are we able to live honestly and in harmony with our planet as a whole and all other species: enabling our planet (and ourselves) to thrive.

From me to you, let's get a little wild, Alana xx




[This is a pre-taster of the Handbook.  READ IT HERE.  The Handbook is - after you’ve perhaps checked out the FREE RESOURCES - the best way to start living wildly.  It's a 'How To Guide' to live from these wild truths, however much/little as you like: acting in wild, loving, collaborative harmony with our planet as a whole (& all other species) so that we can all thrive, together.]

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What we call ‘LOVE is the state of being that motivates us to play our part in enabling our planet to thrive.

 We are ONE PLANET, constantly evolving and all sharing one ultimate state of existence.

We are all ‘WILD BEINGS’ - a ‘phenomena of the physical world’.

There is only our planet - which is our home - and there is only ‘nature’ as we HUMANS ARE NATURE itself.

We are all ONE (one planet) - we are just (in our different forms) a myriad of different representations of our planet.


As we are ONE planet (and we cannot be both superior & inferior to ourselves) we are absolute.  As we exist as ONE planet, we are EQUAL from birth.

Our existence in human form on this planet can be summed up as taking action to 'SURVIVE/THRIVE' over and over and over again.

We are all born of the planet (all of us).


As wild beings we are automatically FREE BEINGS.  We can dominate one another but we can never ‘own’ one another.  (If a creature ever can be ‘owned’ it can only ever be by our planet). 

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