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What’s the point of this book?

The premise of this book is that we know nothing and must start from scratch, so - despite my drive to share my vision and ideas - I first examined whether I should write and publish this handbook at all.


I asked myself, “What if the planet is exactly where it wishes to be (despite our human opinions)?”


We get shown a lot of pictures of a cartoon planet suffering and struggling: what if the opposite is true and what we are regarding as ‘catastrophic’ is just another phase in our planet’s evolution? (I.e. Just because humans might not survive these changes, our planet will keep going, albeit in a different form).

What if the planet doesn’t make mistakes? (We are only ONE of millions of species after all, on our planet, and I don’t see why we consider ourselves outside of our planet’s biological and ecological drives, like ALL of the other species that we share our spaces with)? So why do we think that we are acting outside of our planet’s own desires?

So, with this in mind, here are my thought processes and why I have written this handbook...

1. I was born AND I am here...

2. Stillness/Action (these are my choices) - But is stillness/inaction really the same as TAKING action (they both have an impact)? Through stillness we are not stepping outside of our planetary interactions, we are just having a different impact.


3. I have needs and wants (as we all do) and I will perish if I deny my needs and live half a live if I deny my wants (and some of ‘wanting’ is wanting things my own way). FYI - ‘Wanting’ doesn’t have to be about having/ taking: my wants can be about lifting up others and wanting to be kind.


4. So, if I’m going to impact the world around me (no matter what I do) my final choice/ consideration is whether I live my life by ‘Acting’ or Reacting’.




REACTING - Trying to fix something (seeing a problem and creating a solution).  ACTING - Having a vision/idea that’s not dependent on anything around it.


Eg. I want to live in a world where all species and beings are equal and free to live life on their own terms.
Eg. I want to live in a world where we treat others how we would like to be treated . Eg. I want to live in a world where everyone has the chance to choose happiness, for themselves and others.



I can live a life that is driven by reacting to the world around me OR I can choose to imagine that the world is my blank canvas and ask myself some questions to make sure that I’m REALLY living MY passion (not reacting to fears/propositions that are subconsciously driving me - placed in my subconscious by influences around me).



How to ACT and not REACT...


I imagine that the world is blank and that I can have it any way I want. (Blank canvas: allowing for the possibility that everything is exactly how it should be - that the planet doesn’t make mistakes - and that nothing needs fixing). ASKING.... “What kind of world would I like to live in?” AND “What would I like to be/do within that world?”

This handbook is the answer to those questions (for me): a world I’d like to live in AND the way that I’d like to live in it.

This handbook is for anyone who finds themselves wanting to live in the same world and who also wants to follow the same wildscaping rulebook.

Maybe you have had the same vision for a while and now - stumbling across this handbook - you find that you agree with my rules/recommendations (that they’re yours too, as though you’re seeing your own thoughts written down) and we can follow them together...



I have shared MY vision (of the world I’d love to live in) and I commit to it 100%....  I also respect (that does not mean that we won’t find our paths crossed and standing on opposite sides of an argument, both taking action) the ‘wants’ of those who have the opposite vision to me: they will follow their path and I will follow mine and we shall see how we each impact our planet.

As far as I can see (when the ONLY certainty is that we really know nothing much at all) all that we CAN do is do what we want...


Currently we don’t live in a world that I envision (that I would love to live in) but maybe if enough people share my ‘wildscaping’ vision then our planet might evolve and that will be our incredible new state of existence.


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