I'm Alana, I'm 39, from London, UK.  


Equality for all life is my abiding passion: for us humans, for all lives (we are all one planet, one 'people', no matter our species).

I worked in TV for almost 7 years then left to focus on my charitable ambitions (that I'd been running in my spare time) which was to work on a promise to build a number of permanent homes for life for disabled youngsters & adults in Swaziland.  (This is ongoing with the first home planned for 2023).  I am very lucky and grateful that Richard E Grant was the Patron of my work in Swaziland for many years.


I launched Wildscaping Worldwide during 2020, which is a culmination not only of my ongoing work in Swaziland but also of my love for all species and my belief that every life deserves the same chance.


During Lock Down (observing a missed opportunity to help our UK wildlife) I launched UK Wildlife Transporters.  To date, UKWT has transported over 400 wildlife casualties to medical care and has over 200 Volunteer Drivers, in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  


As UKWT is nationwide, I found myself speaking to Wildlife Rescues, Rehabbers and Vets across the UK and getting a picture of how much our UK wildlife would benefit from minimum standards of rehabilitation care being set, as well as how much support our UK Wildlife Rescues/Rehabbers could benefit from, especially in how to build relationships with their local vet practices. 


To this end, I launched the ‘Wildlife Care Badge’ (during which I acted as a Project Manager) bringing together UK Wildlife Rescues, Rehabbers, Vets and Vet Nurses to finally (after almost a year) unite all of the different pieces of advice/expertise to create an almost 150 page policy, set to launch January 2022.

My skill set varies but as an example of some of my non profit fundraising efforts since 2014: I have organised & hosted live and online Q&As with actors like Richard E Grant & Jason Flemyng as well as incredible inspirations like Olympian Leon Taylor, Sir Rannulph Fiennes, Jools Holland, Richard Pierson (founder of Headspace) & Adventurers Mark Beaumont & Sean Conway.  These Q&As were also published via Kindle, in 'It Ain't Gospel.'

My 'Wildscaping Handbook' is set to publish February 2022.