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What we do to others (humans and all other beings) we do to the planet (as we are one planet) and therefore ourselves


What we do to the planet, we do to ourselves and to all other beings (as we are all a part of our one planet)

Whether we love/hurt ourselves, we love or hurt the planet and therefore all other beings too (what we do to ourselves, we do to all other beings as we are all parts of one planet)

We are 'One Planet' because - whether we also have an infinite spirit/soul or not - we come into physical existence made up of the planet's matter and we sustain ourselves and are reliant on the other life forms on our earth and on the planet's elements like water and air - and when our human forms die, we crumble back into the ground/water, or are burnt into ashes, and are consumed by other beings.


We are an endless cycle of 'mass/matter recycled' where new life forms - human or otherwise - are endlessly, gloriously, reverently forming up out of materials and minerals that have been utilised by others before us.  We are one planet, constantly evolving and all sharing one ultimate state of existence.

We are all ONE (one planet) - we are just (in our different forms as ‘Human’ or ‘Fern’ or ‘Ant’ or ‘Hedgehog’ or ‘Tiger’, for example) a myriad of different representations of our planet.


As we are ONE PLANET (we cannot be both superior & inferior to ourselves) we are absolute (as we exist as ONE planet, we are equal from birth so being better or worse than ourselves is a nonsense: an impossibility of existence).


This is why we are all also 'wild beings' (every being on the planet) as - whether the beings are dominated & used by humans or not - we are all ultimately born as a 'natural' phenomena of our planet 'Earth' and so we are all wild, equal beings.


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