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Rubbish Revived

What if plastic 'litter' (currently a wildlife hazard) can be transformed into wildscaping aids?

Inspired by the incredible example set by the Crisp Packet Project, not only am I already offering a Boomerang Bands service but I have ALSO have begun speaking to specialist companies who focus on repurposing plastics to enable the nationwide, mass-conversion of plastic hazards (plastic wrappers, cellophane, throwaway containers) into wildscaping aids: wildlife tunnels to help wildlife safely cross our urban roads/motorways AND/OR 'wildscaping homestead' aids: plastic plant pots, plastic trellises etc etc. 


Instead of wading through litter, these are my plans for positive, upbeat and proactive 'Reviving Our Rubbish' processes from within our wildscaped communities...



We clear up litter from our local spaces AND/OR take our litter (non recyclable plastics) to our local pub/cafe/community centre for a FREE Coffee/Tea/Snack.

[WIN/WIN - Our community hubs benefit from focused attention & foot traffic, as they become the centre of local environmental & wildlife efforts AND we (us members of the public) are rewarded when we drop off our waste plastics with the treat of our choice, getting to celebrate our small effort.] 



Volunteer Drivers (expenses covered by the plastics companies) collect & transport the 'waste plastic collections' to specialist companies.




Wildlife Tunnels

[Bought by local businesses all chipping into together as Sponsors (valuable advertising opportunity) AND/OR by government grants: To better aid our UK wildlife to safely traverse our urban spaces and busy roads.]

Wildlife Rescue Equipment

[Bought by local businesses as Sponsors (valuable advertising opportunity) to donate to local wildlife rescues: Containment boxes, storage boxes & any other possible form of repurposed plastic equipment.]

Wild Gardens

[Bought by members of the public (who would have otherwise bought other similar items from garden centres): Plastic flower pots, trellises & other gardening aids to help create wild gardens and habitats for our local UK wildlife.]

These 'waste' plastics are transformed/converted into 'Wildscaping Aids.' 


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