A 'Wild Anchor' For All Of Us

(Keeping My Original & Very Important Promise)

This all began with being asked to help 8 disabled youngsters in a hospital in Swaziland.  


They required a home-for-life.  I was able to coordinate with charities in Swaziland who would oversee the building of a home & the running of it and the care of these people if I could raise the money from the UK.  There was just one stipulation on behalf of the charity there, the Sandra Lee Centre: that I would guarantee (in advance) the money for their lifetimes, so that there was no risk of that charity being left with a home to run and no funding. 

That was when I first really woke to the needs of those who are most vulnerable across our planet.

I did my best to help.  I am still doing my best.  As I travel the UK, looking to repurpose housing for our UK homeless, I am going to be collecting donations for a 'Wild Anchor Pot' to repurpose housing in Swaziland, to ensure that not only the original disabled people (that I was asked to help) but as many disabled youngsters and adults in Swaziland as possible are enabled to have the home (the 'habitat' - what are our 'homes' but our 'habitats'?) that they deserve.

We are one planet.

We all deserve a place to call home, a place where we may feel 'anchored' and safe (hence the 'Wild Anchor Pot') amongst those who love us.

As with wildscaped, repurposed housing in the UK, I will be looking to renovate any disused properties in Swaziland to not only be of the required standard for those with particular needs but also as wild havens for surrounding wildlife to co-habit in, making each 'home' truly a 'Wild Anchor' for all those millions of lives that share that space and call it 'home'.  

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