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Our homes are our places of sanctuary. // Our homes are warmth/shade & protection. // Our homes let us rest and nurse any wounds. // Our homes are where we spend time with our loved ones. // Our homes protect us from sometimes unfriendly elements.

Now they can do that for our UK wildlife too - with a few inventive modifications - without giving up ANY of our modern comforts.

Let YOUR home be THEIR habitat.



[Thanks so much to Dr. Phoebe Carter (from Biodiversity Matters) who wrote the following advice for all who are wondering if 'Wildscaping Homesteads' is for them]


So many of our familiar and much loved bird species have suffered large declines in number as a result of habitat loss and use of pesticides and herbicides that affect their food sources.  We can all do something to help by not using chemicals in the garden and by putting up one or more bird boxes.  You will be amazed at how readily birds will investigate and then use your boxes!  Different boxes suit different birds so take a look at which birds are in your garden year round, and which visit in the summer months, and put up boxes ready for them to use. 



Bats are truly wonderful mammals.  Often feared, these little creatures should be embraced.  In the UK even the largest bat is only about the size of the palm of your hand, and baby bats are around the size of a 50p coin!  Despite their tiny size bats are incredibly useful to us, with each bat eating around 3000 midges and mosquitoes a night!  Natural pest control!  Stick up a bat box on the side of your house - it is very important to situate the boxes away from windows so that bats are encouraged to use them & won't be put off by the light shining from inside the house - and watch them emerge on warm, summer nights.



Go a little wilder!  Leaving an area of your lawn uncut during the summer creates perfect conditions for bugs and beetles to live in and in turn your garden will support more birds and small mammals such as shrews and hedgehogs.  Hedgehogs are great natural pest controllers and will eat up lots of slugs in your garden too.  So, don’t put down slug pellets, just make your garden a hedgehog haven!

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