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Moo Free's multi-award winning dairy free and gluten free chocolate is now available in snack sized individual bars. Each dairy free Mini Moos Original Organic Bar comes wrapped in a neat little pack featuring Hammy Hamster. These Mini Moos bars are made using their secret, organic and dairy free chocolate recipe that ensures each chocolate bar really does taste like delicious, quality milk chocolate.


Unlike some other manufacturers they make their Mini Moos Original Organic bars in factories that are completely dairy free and gluten free so that they can be sure that there is no chance of any cross contamination.


They make their Mini Moos Original Organic chocolate bars using a combination of organic and ethically sourced ingredients.


Moo Free brings you all the taste of great tasting milk chocolate but know the secret of how to make it without using any milk.

Vegan Original Organic Bar

SKU: 126351351935
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