I’m really excited to talk about this topic with you because there are a number of ways to provide ourselves with warmth and a way to cook, by using multifuel stoves but NOT wood.

Have you heard of coffee logs?  These are mostly recycled coffee grounds compacted and packaged - that burn in a stove. They produce a lot of heat and they’re very affordable. You can also make your own - - either from your own leftover coffee grounds or by popping into your local coffee shops and purchasing their leftover coffee grounds and then mixing in sugar and wax (try and find a plant based wax, like soy.

I also talk about only buying ‘shade grown coffee’ later in this handbook but I’ll reference it here too.

Shade grown coffee is the ONLY coffee to buy. It is literally the choice of life (out of life or death). It is coffee that is grown in forests amongst plants already there, instead of having whole forests ripped up, covering the land in pesticides and chemical fertilisers and obliterating ‘home’ for 100,000s of birds and other species.

In the UK, Bird And Wild Coffee is what I drink.  Check out their website to find out more about shade grown versus sun grown cofffee: pages/sun-grown-vs-shade-grown-spot-the-difference AND

There are other options too - like banana skins!

I also found this great article that I thought I’d share. You can’t exactly purchase the items in the UK but the ideas are brilliant: greener-alternatives-to-charcoal/a-43268826