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Case Study
(A Wildscaped Council)

Wildscaping Worldwide was asked to consult with Councillors at Alsager Council in summer 2021 on how to utilise any wasted spaces (road verges and other spots) so that humans and wildlife (and plant life too) could benefit from them.

This has been a WONDERFUL opportunity to truly serve the local human population, allow plants more space to claim their territories and create habitat - and even reliable water sources - for local wildlife.

In June 2022 WW was updated to the fact that Alsager Council were not only implementing our designs but also applying for a community award with them.

[These are screenshots from the pdf of designs that WW sent to Alsager Council, as I wanted you to see exactly what our proposed designs were like.  They are less easy to see on mobile but can be magnified to look at properly.]

[In 2022, Alsager Council won a gold eco award for their community, with our designs.]


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