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Here’s how I hope this wildscaping handbook will serve our planet…


It is hard to escape the media (and social media) stories regarding the seemingly infinite threats that stalk our modern existences.


Two camps seem to have formed from all of the chaos of newspaper headlines, statistics & research, research, research: Climate Change Responders VS Climate Change Deniers.


I hope that this handbook will serve our whole planet (every species) and unite the two camps (the 2 belief systems) to at least be intrigued that a ‘wildscaped (aware) existence’ could be the opportunity for a global ‘fresh start’…


For those readers who want our human populations and industries to build less houses, drive less cars (or switch to electric vehicles) as well as planting more trees and using less pesticides, this handbook considers those topics/concerns (but hopefully recommends action from a state of love for our planet, instead of a state of anxiety).


For those readers who believe ‘Climate Change’ to go so far as to be a dictatorial, global government conspiracy (to further curb the freedom of the masses) I hope that this handbook will be a breath of fresh air whilst acknowledging ways that we can all live more exuberantly, more ecstatically and to the greater benefit and freedom of all of us (every species on our planet).


I have worked very hard to ensure that this handbook emerges from & is shaped by indisputable understandings (absolute truths) and I hope that throughout it you will experience (and enjoy) a number of ‘Aha’ moments (those moments when you say to yourself, “I must have always known that, I just didn’t realise that I knew that”) and I am very excited to share my vision of a ‘wildscaped world’ with you…


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