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One of the cruellest things we can do to ourselves is remove ourselves from our local community (your local community is made up of all other beings: human, animal & botanical & even the wind and sunshine and rain sometimes).


We thrive best when we are within our local tribe (made up of all sorts of beings).


It’s not about ‘being out in nature’ (as we ARE wild beings and nature ourselves) - It’s about surrounding ourselves with a community of beings, whatever their shape and matter.  As we stand or sit (sharing the oneness/present moment with all of these other beings) we fall into a kind of synchronicity with all other beings and feel held (and hold them too, in our hearts and consciousness).


In this state of being (and being at one/present with our local community like this) we can renew ourselves, rejuvenate and allow all pain/suffering within us to fall away and to heal.


Perhaps we will not heal fully, perhaps we will only experience our next challenging situation with greater self love and strength but that could make all the difference, as we live to the max.


We know that being around people makes us stronger, healthier and have greater well being….  We have just forgotten that ‘people’ can be ALL beings (animal, botanical & more) not just humans.


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