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This issue takes us kayaking around Svalbard, climbing up in the Karakoram mountains and surfing giant, bone crushing waves off the coast of Tasmania in a series of stories based on overcoming your fears and inner demons. 


Sarah McNair-Landry and Erik Boomer get pinned down by blizzards far from anywhere during a 120 dog-sled expedition on Baffin Island. Sarah Marquis endures three months in the hot, deadly Kimberly region of Australia surviving on foraged food an what little water she could find. Casper Wakefield starts hallucinating through lack of sleep during a 7 day Arctic expedition race, and Will Copestake is down to a last ditch effort to escape the deep Patagonian wilderness.


Fear overcome. Demons banished. Stories to be told.


132 pages, perfect bound, and printed in full colour on FSC approved uncoated 140gsm paper in the United Kingdom.

Sidetracked Adventure Journal

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