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If diesel/petrol release emissions make us sick (and presumably other mammals/birds with a similar biology) because they are pollutants [*definition of ‘pollutant’ - a substance that pollutes something, especially water or the atmosphere] then let’s not use them…


Let us (instead, if we want) use solar panels or wind turbines or hydropower BUT….  Let’s NOT forget all of the impacts from these human inventions.  Let’s not ignore that we mine (deeply) and process the materials (taking more energy/materialsfrom the planet again, as we do so) to use the sun & the wind and water to create electricity.


Let’s not forget that - through our inventions - we are taking space from other beings who could use those solar farm fields or who are finding their rivers blocked or their flight space suddenly perilous.


Is there yet a better form of powering our lives, if we just look at it from a ‘wild mindset’?


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