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2020 - 24 Lives Saved

Strolling down memory lane & realising that I didn't talk about this much last year... My mum had recently died but then this happened and the world made a little more sense...

Wildscaping Worldwide doesn't revolve around rescue efforts like this but for some reason these 3 Kune Kune pigs (then Stanley, the llama and all of the 20 ducks, hens and cockerels) captured my heart last year and I worked around the clock to see them saved from the trauma of a livestock auction and able to live their lives with love and respect, at Hillside Animal Sanctuary...

It's hard to tell who really cares deeply (in our virtual world) and who is just great at presenting themselves. I am by no means a perfect human being but I am proud (and so very grateful) that I managed to pull this off...

Here is a reference from my (now) friend, who became a very close friend as she helped me (amongst many others) to empower these 24 lives...

(From Ms. H. Lockett...)

I came into contact with Alana when I was reaching out to contacts to try and find a home for 3 pigs who were going to slaughter within days due to the owner having to get rid of them because of complaints from the council.

Alana was immediately on the case and found out there was also a llama and poultry needing homes! Local charities had tried their best but it took a young woman 300 miles away to get it sorted. Alana tracked down the owner to have them signed over to her, she negotiated with the auction house to have the animals released before auction, she liaised direct with the council to advise of the change, sorted out the paper work and fundraised for transport for the animals to move together to a rescue nearly 400 miles away.

Alana isn’t a charity or rescue with years of experience saving animals in need but yet she did it with no hesitation nor a grumble when she was still ringing round rescues at nearly midnight to find them a home!

She did all this within 5 working days! Put her own life and work on hold to help those animals start a new life. Alana is tenacious and a force - a one women army working for change and a kinder world! Alana does the things us mere mortals dream we would be brave enough to do! Please support her!


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