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Right now…

In this exact present moment…

I can be kind to myself,

I can be kind to others.

I can love myself,

I can be loving towards others.

I can feel empathy for what I need,

I can feel empathy for all life around me and for what they need.

What do we all require?  Better harmony, a better sharing of our space?

How can I love myself right now?

How can I love all other life around me right now?

How can I act kindly & fairly?

How would I feel if I was that being (that human or other species: mammal, insect, amphibian, fish or plant etc)?

What would I want?

How can I help us all to thrive more fairly?

How can I play my part in co-existing with all life on our planet, equally & compassionately?

How can I find the ‘CENTRAL BALANCE POINT’ between the needs of myself and everyone else affected by what I need/want right now?


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