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The cash we spend has influence: our tacit approval of a product/service (when purchasing it or investing in it) can contribute to the rise or fall of industry and individual fortunes.

If we look at the world around us and - without judgement - simply see which industries are dominant and where we have - as a world - invested most of our cash (powering our lives and our own healthcare, for example, which is understandable) and then compare those to the industries that are much smaller (animal sanctuaries, holistically environmental and animal welfare organisations, for example) then we have a perfect reflection facing back at us of our global mindset, up to this point in time, because we have all - as a conscious and subconscious united force - built this world around ourselves based on what we have most strongly believed in, feared and hoped for, up to this moment,


Remember what a wildscaped world could be like...

A wild and peaceful planet, with the voices of every creature lifted in joyous harmony (that does not mean that we exist without death or suffering, it just means that we are all equal and free to live life on our own terms and any suffering - through injury, illness or grief - is minimised by the love we feel for ourselves and the wonder that we live in, in our luscious, incredible world).


All creatures live freely (no cages) with autonomy over our own lives and bodies.

Within our wild world we are existing in happy, self responsibility, as we all thrive and live our lives to the max.


The cash in our pockets is a powerful tool. We can create miracles with it.

Every pound spent is an action to bring about a certain ‘intention’. Every payment and transaction has the power to wildscape our world (spent self-lovingly, for us and our planet). We can spend our money to manifest a shared vision of the world we want to live in and the lives that we want to live.

Even bartering is an energetic meeting of hearts & choosing to value ourselves and our efforts and the effort of our bartering partner.


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