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This E-Handbook is a comprehensive examination (300 pages) of the questions that I touch on in WW's parent organisation's website, 'Our Planet (Our Paradise)'....  


"What if we are born - entitled - to live our best lives?"


"What if our planet births us all as wild, self-empowered creatures, all here as part of a planet that is aware of itself, that observes itself, interacts with itself, relates to itself & even feeds off itself?"

"What if we are born, wild & free, with one purpose: to fully thrive?  What if we are structurally devised - as one planetary community of infinite, different planetary creatures - to thrive better, together?"

In my 23 years of human and animal welfare work, I have experienced myself how us humans have zoned in on tiny planetary intricacies (very focused causes, for example) which is great, as long as we haven't let ourselves forget the bigger picture of HOW our planet nurtures itself & is motivated to thrive as 'one whole planet'.  Unfortunately, I think that we HAVE forgotten this bigger picture & until we humans are aware of our own wild perfection (and then accept the wild perfection of the world around us) and celebrate how our planet - and I think that I have proven this in this E-Handbook - is actually structured to be a paradise for all of us, it is my opinion that we will continue to undermine our planetary well being, and thus our own human welfare too.

By being aware of this 'bigger picture' I think that we could find ourselves empowered to unite (to complement one another's hopes and efforts) to REALLY enable a 'planetary love story'.

I have chosen the words 'planetary love story' very carefully: I have drafted this E-Handbook to be a factual [*FACT - a thing that is known or proven to be true] presentation of how our planet is structured to BE a  * 'loving planet'.

* Not a superficial 'Hollywood/Disney' sort of 'love story'.  I use the word 'loving' in relation to what an honest, thriving relationship between us humans & our planet could be like.

In all of my efforts to present the info in this E-Handbook as succinctly & cohesively as possible, as 'factually correct', I have really enjoyed integrating all of these facts even more effectively into my own wild work.  


This is the Handbook that I wish had been available to me (already written by someone else) 23 years ago: I think that I would have been enabled to help so many more humans and animals, with the information contained in this E-Handbook.

Thank you for giving this E-Handbook your consideration, Alana... 

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