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Please Sign & Share My Open Letter.


It accompanies PRACTICAL ACTION and is to be handed in (along with statements supporting my application from Environmental Scientists, Academic Researchers, Ecologists and Wildlife/Wilding Specialists) with my land purchase applications to prove to UK councils that I have public support behind me in wanting to see our urban centres wildscaped & regenerated in this way.


I’ve been advised that it will smooth my path in purchasing & wildscaping our wasted urban spaces.


What Is ‘Community Wildscaping’?


Regenerating our UK concrete jungles into urban wildernesses offers immense benefits to us all (cleaner air, greater physical/mental health, local flood prevention!) and we’ll also have the effortless opportunity to once again live more in balance with our local wildlife (who are currently facing a near apocalypse due to loss of habitat, litter & pollution)…

‘Community Wildscaping’ (collaborating with Environmental Scientists, Ecologists, Wildlife Experts, Professional Environmental Researchers and Global Urban Planners) is already uniting our UK population (as a collective) to transform wasted urban spaces into forever urban wildernesses, protected from all future development.

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