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Their multi-award winning gluten free and dairy free chocolate is available in snack sized individual mint bars. To make these Mini Moos bars they infuse their chocolate with mint which gives each bar a wonderful, mouth-tingling minty chocolate flavour with every bite. Each Minty Moo bar comes in a cute, green wrapper featuring Lily-lu Lemur.


Moo Free's dairy free, Minty Moo bars are made in their UK factories that do not manufacture milk chocolate or any other milk, gluten or soya based products.


Because their machines have never been used with any ingredients that contain milk or gluten you can be sure that these dairy free mint chocolate bars cannot become cross-contaminated with any milk, gluten or wheat residue.


These dairy free and gluten free mint chocolate bars are made using a combination of natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients.

Vegan Mint Chocolate Bar

SKU: 671253175371
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