A fair chance & equality for ALL life.


A practical & sustainable set of steps (supported by Urban Planners, Ecologists, Scientists, Property Consultants & Wildlife Specialists) to effortlessly transform our LOCAL & GLOBAL urban spaces around us to provide valuable habitat/resources for us all (humans & wild lives together) boosting those of us MOST vulnerable and MOST in need.

My life's journey to this point (collaborating & learning from heroes/heroines across multiple industries) has gifted me the hope & confidence to launch Wildscaping Worldwide. 






Wildscaping Worldwide manifests an upgraded relationship with our planet.


We are transforming our landscapes (locally & globally) to provide homes/habitats/resources for everyone (humans & all wild lives) in need - transforming our concrete jungles into urban wildernesses (without sacrificing our modern comforts) AND restructuring our homes into colourful sanctuaries.


WW is a a global transformation (launched locally) grounded in ECOLOGICAL, ECONOMIC & SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH & centres on a repurposing of land & a fair chance for all life: a way to co-exist with one another & our local wildlife more openly & with optimal health & well being for all.


Just as if when you look after the pennies, the pounds take care of themselves, so does 100,000s of us wildscaping locally, impact globally to offer a massive ecological boost for struggling species (our human selves included) across our miraculous planet.

It began in Swaziland, where I (ME) have volunteered and where I was first made personally aware of how some of the most vulnerable men/women/children on our planet are disadvantaged...  Leaving a career in TV in 2012, I committed to providing homes for some of the most vulnerable, disabled people there & that vision has since grown.  As I fixated on my belief in human equality, so my heart was opened to the fundamental desires of all species & the equality & ecological interconnection of all life.


(I am only SPONSORED by animal friendly & eco friendly companies, so that I may ALSO promote their products to do my best to manifest true equality for all species across our planet).



I have spent the last 2 years carefully connecting with Ecologists, Urban Planners, Property Consultants, Financial Advisors & Environmental Scientists across the world & in the UK.  All of the ideas/visions laid out across this website (to wildscape worldwide) have been carefully considered and meticulously planned with the help of experts across a number of differing industries).


I am also ALREADY supporting/saving our UK wildlife.


I invite everyone globally to utilise my research, procedures & processes to wildscape within your own countries, as we all work together.


Please do join the Facebook Group 'WILDSCAPING TOGETHERNESS' to share your questions, ideas, challenges and successes as we act together to manifest new homes/habitats, riot of wild colours  & a fair chance for all lives across our planet.




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