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Fundamentally upgrading our human relationship - as a nation - with our UK wildlife by proposing unprecedented legislation to balance our human rights with those of our UK wildlife.

[For example, humans should enjoy our rights to our own spaces (our habitats) and entertainments BUT could we share our spaces more generously to allow for greater balance & should some entertainments - like fireworks - be allowed when they cause such suffering to other species?  

Could a kinder, fairer balance exist between our human species and our UK wildlife?]

Wildscaping Worldwide is already actively reaching out to professionals across a number of industries to start to create an informal 'Advisory Panel' (inviting everyone to be involved as much or as little as they would like, so that everyone can have their opinions factored in, even if they are very busy) to ask questions of Wildlife Organisations, Ecologists, Environmental Scientists, Philosophers, Animal Behaviourists, Wildlife Rescuers & Rehabbers, Medical Professionals, Vets & everyone else who springs to mind, to create as informed an overview as possible of the very best ways we can start to look at creating 'equal balance between humans and wildlife' and also what objections we may be facing initially.

 I would also LOVE to invite YOU (a member of the public) into a wide discussion to have YOUR voices & opinions heard.

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