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There are a number of practical steps to take.

Since this kind of mass-purchasing of land (to be held by Wildscaping Worldwide under the contractual agreement that it will be wildscaped & protected for local residents) has never been attempted before, we are bound to come up against multiple hurdles until we have made our first successful purchase & set a valuable precedent (making all future wildscaping applications far easier).

By following the steps below (after much research, speaking to town planners, ex-councillors & environmental scientists) we know at least a little about how best we can proceed.



Step 1


Make sure to let us know that you'd like to see your local area wildscaped - EMAIL US AT ALANA@WILDSCAPINGWORLDWIDE.COM - so that we can work with you (guiding & supporting you & doing as much of the work ourselves as we can) every step of the way...


Walk around your local area & take as many photos as you can (see examples below) of the patches of grass that could be wildscaped. (These photos can be used in Step 2).

Please send these pictures to so that we have have them for our records.


(Email Subject: 'Pockets to be Wildscaped' along with your name & postcode).


Step 2

Unite your local community.  


This is very important.  We need everyone (or a big majority) of your local community to all want these changes to occur AND to understand how it both benefits you all AND your local wildlife.



Create an open letter on the 38 Degrees Platform, using the template below & email the link to your local online wildlife groups/community groups, to gather support.  


[You can also print out a copy and pass it onto friends and neighbours - you can even put one up in local shops - so that you can gather as much local support as possible.]


We - the residents of  [STREET/TOWN/BOROUGH]  - would very much like to see our streets transformed into more colourful, natural spaces, to not only improve our health & well being (and those of our families) but to also provide far greater natural habitats & resources for our local wildlife, by converting every patch of public land (that’s currently just grass) that runs along our streets and/or is situated & unused within our local areas into a wildlife habitat full of plants & flowers & surrounded by a bird friendly hedgerow, for maximum biodiversity.  


Every single ‘Pocket’ will contribute towards local flood prevention and water filtration.


Evidence can be gathered immediately on the positive carbon impact of these Pockets, comparing the previous amounts of times the land was mown every year and what pesticides/herbicides were used to control the space.


The benefits of this for our local communities are (as stated by an Ecologist, specialising in Ecosystem Ecology & Conservation)…. “Needless to say, the benefits would be many. To our physical and mental health, of seeing and breathing nature and cleaner air in otherwise polluted cities, to our children that they have the chance to witness nature and how it functions even if on a small scale and to our society as a whole, with the aim to move towards a more sustainable future.”


Why Is This Important?

Here’s 2 of the wake up calls that Lock Down has reminded us of…

1. Our local areas could be MASSIVELY improved so that we can all live within our optimal environment for our health & well being.

2. Our local UK wildlife are desperate for a bit more space (we already knew this but they have proved it even more). As soon as we were all tucked away, UK mammals, birds & insects were breaking out into the suddenly quieter spaces.

There’s urban land to spare - all around us - and we can decide to transform it into lush colourful spaces...

How it will be delivered?

This open letter will be handed into our local council when Wildscaping Worldwide are applying to buy the land from them - to wildscape it & protect it from all future development - to prove how many of us want to see our local spaces regenerated into urban wildernesses.

Step 3

When the majority of your local residents (whether that be within your street, town or borough) have signed your local open letter, let us know ( and then email them through '38 Degrees' and to send them to a hidden page on this website (that we will have set up specially) to ask them to let us know the amount they think they can donate (however small/large) to the purchasing/wildscaping fund for their local area.

It will look something like this...



If it looks like you will struggle to raise significant funding locally, we will then reach out nationally to ask people across the UK to help you.


This information allows us to then approach your local council (together) to begin to apply for the purchase of the land with the following paperwork...


- Your local open letter (proving that this is what your local community wants & is in agreement on).

- A national open letter, proving that this is a popular UK vision from the general public on how we would like to see our urban landscapes changed.

- Evidence of a financial commitment (from the local people and supported nationally) to purchasing the land and wildscaping it.

- Statements from UK ecologists, wildlife specialists & other relevant professionals, attesting to the purchasing/wildscaping of the land being in the best interests of the local community AND the council itself: helping the local council to meet vehicle emissions targets & flood prevention targets, for example.


Step 4


Once the council has granted the application & the land has been purchased, UK ecologists, wildlife specialists and 'wildscaping' experts will invite yourself and your local community to work together to dig up the grass pockets and plant the plants, flowers & hedgerows around/within each pocket.



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