Wildscape Our Urban Spaces


Would you like to see our current UK concrete jungles transformed (forever) into urban wildernesses?

This practical transformation offers immense benefits to us all (cleaner air, greater physical/mental health, local flood prevention!) and we’ll also have the effortless opportunity to once again live more in balance with our local wildlife (who are currently facing a near apocalypse due to loss of habitat, litter & pollution)… 

I (a minimum of 5 hours a day, 5 days a week) speak - online & on the phone - to members of the public, ecologists, councillors, businesses & wildlife professionals as we work together to transform our UK urban landscape into a nationwide landscape of urban wildernesses.

Your monthly patronage will contribute towards covering daily costs with 50% specifically going into the 'Community Wildscaping Pot' to fund working with all of these environmental & wildlife specialists as well as solicitors (specialising in the charitable purchasing, repurposing & protection of land).

WILDSCAPING GUIDE - One time 60 minute phone/zoom consultation on wildscaping your home/interior to best live in optimal health & conditions for yourself, your family and your local wildlife.

MONTHLY REPORT - You will receive monthly progress reports on the 28th of every month, so that you can oversee our developments and be assured that your financial support is being used wisely.

Thank you SO much for supporting this work.  Alana xx