Upcoming Events

These events are a mix between... A. Events I've been invited to be present at.  B. Invitations to meet people as I travel around the UK.

I am SO super busy on the road that some of the older events (already delightedly experienced) may stay on this page for a few days before I get a chance to update but I'll endeavour to be as organised as possible...


28th April - Invite to visit Liz L in Holyhead

30th April - Invite to visit Stephen P's Conservation site in Conwy

1st May - Tracey Breese - Breese Adventures

3rd May - Moon Red Tent Event, Manchester

(Late May TBC) Invite to visit Fergus of Blue Campaign - Bristol

(Late May TBC) Invite to visit Belinda of Explorers Connect - Bristol

(Late May TBC) Invite to visit Juliette L - Bristol

Late May - Joint Open Water Swimming Event with Jim Hughes, ‘The Untamed Entrepreneur.’ (Location TBC)

Saturday 8th June - Edward Pike reconnects/guided meditation with everyone who bought his book at December’s Book Launch

28th - 30th June: Snowdonia Challenge with Breese Adventures



Outstanding invites - Daily invites (in their dozens) are pouring in to share a coffee/tea in the Milly-Van as I travel.  Invitations to visit people & their homes/friends/family - show them the products & share Coffee/Tea/Treats in Milly -  from Isle of Man across to Leicester and down to Devon

Invitations with dates TBC - Providing refreshments on TV Commercial Sets, invited by Executive Producer, Uday Tiwari