Achieved So Far...

November 2018 - October 2019


I hit the road to build a home for 8 disabled youngsters in Swaziland, immersed in a loving community. 


I have found myself enabled to fulfil this promise by helping people across the UK to make space/offer homes for millions of lives (animal, fish, plant, bug & on and on…) to thrive amongst us in 'wild' community, for the betterment & health of ourselves and our immediate environment.

'Wild Harmony' has evolved naturally out of my Milly Van experiences on the road: I'm grateful to share my progress so far with you...

Me in the van - 1st Dec!
Simon - Richmond Park Event
Book Launch Preparations
Book Launch Parking Spot - 2nd Dec
Parking Tickets!!! Brighton!
Picking up Milly - 29th Nov 2018
Milly at Vegan Market, Birmingham
Milly as.a Stall: Birmingham
Milly all decked out - Birmingham
Warming up with a brew!
Bird & Wild gorgeousness!
Southend on Sea - 29th Nov 2018
Stagehouse UK! Southend on Sea.
Stall & Coffee Shop Set Up
Wonderful Guy Wilmot
Milly in Brighton
'Afternoon Tea' Set Up - Brighton
December Sales!
Simon in Poetry Corner, Richmond
Urban Milly
Coffee/Tea/Snacks at book Launch
Edward Pike - 'I Am'
Celebrating Simon's Event - 1st Dec
Alison & Fiona - Afternoon Tea
Coffee Treats
Coffee Tray - LeadCube Media

22nd November 2018 - Picked up Milly & spent a night in Wiltshire Campsite, getting acquainted!

Hit the Road November 29th.  (Before Pocket Protection & Eco Intent came into being, I travelled the UK being featured at events as a vegan stall and coffee shop)  ...  First event, Southend On Sea, 30th November.  Then Richmond Park, Farringdon, Brighton, North Wales, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Christmas in Manchester.

Sad Puncture :-(
Yay for Puncture Repair!
Plush new rugs!
Colourful & cosy Milly
Refilling the Screenwash on M6!
The fridge KILLS my leisure battery!
Tracey in Betws Y Coed
Little Jax getting settled.
Jim Hughes! At Rhyl.
Bud loves his new Pal!

By January 2019...

It had been a rollercoaster ride.  Punctures, broken laptops, tears, traffic, a few faulty pieces on the van and 2 small dogs who were adjusting to their nomadic new lifestyle.

I also got to meet MM Partners, Jim, Tracey, Simon, Angela & Helen!

From November 2018 to April 2019 I'd been carrying/selling the MOST gorgeous, eco friendly, vegan products, from my super appreciated Mission Milly Partners.

From Plant Based Snacks to Cruelty Free, Biodegradable Glitter and beautiful Coasters made from sustainably sourced rope/paints: the Milly Van was full to bursting from the minute she hit the road.

Saskia's Flower Essences
Ruby Cubes Coasters
Milly's Stalls
Stalls in Sunshine - Southend on Sea
All the colours of the rainbow!
Vegan delights!
Prints & More!
What a mix of wonderful products!
Jo & Mark
Hedgehog Street
Raw Sport
Ilan - Conscious Water
Vegan Beanie
Collecting Litter
Kiro & Co
Tropic Foot Pebble!
Products Close Up
Ethical Pets
Vegan Nail Polish
Gorgeous Eco Glitter
Cruelty Free Toilet Paper
Vegan Curry Kits
Wildflower Seeds
Silver Bamboo!
Gingerling Design
Wild Flower Lawns and Meadows logo

February - October 2019


By February 2019, I'd begun to collaborate with wildlife organisations (like the Peoples' Trust For Endangered Species) and Partner with conservation specialists like Colin Reader, to give back to the landscape I was travelling in.

Being frequently in urban areas - with my new environmental knowledge - I noticed a missed opportunity for urban rewilding on a massive scale: Pocket Protection was born. 

Being drawn more into urban commercial areas (for PP) I also saw a way to increase the sales of my Mission Milly Partners, promoting/selling their planet/animal friendly, 100% natural products ONLINE (instead of just from the Milly Van) to a completely new market of monthly subscribers: the Eco Intent Scheme...  Switching 1000s of businesses over to non polluting, animal friendly products.


(From February - October, I was also continuing to reach out to new Partners to fund my work: Partners whose products/services I believed should be more readily accessible to an audience of people crying out to realign with nature, tread more lightly and live more lovingly). 

I am blessed every time a new Partner comes on board because I not only get to further my own vision/keep my own promises, but I also get to extend the reach of businesses doing equally good work across the UK.


The ability to keep my promise to build 'Wild Anchor' for 8 disabled people in Swaziland (18 months earlier than I'd hoped) was achieved in August 2019.



Urban Pocket Wild-Scaping

Communities inviting me in to rewild their boroughs.

Team of Ecologists in place to rewild.

‘Eco Plan’ in place.

Research on land available: land pricing.


Camera team booked to film PP.

Setting up as a land trust.

Nationwide scalability plan.

Self Sustainability.

Pocket Protectors already signing up.

The 'Pot' of funding for the Pockets has been passively growing.


Media interest.

Media plan.

Open letter launched.

Eco Intent Scheme

Patron: Leon Taylor.


Businesses already signing up to the scheme.


1000s of Eco/Animal Friendly products & services available for purchase.

Wild Anchor

Patron: Richard E Grant.


The running of the home AND the community around the home established/agreed upon: Sandra Lee Centre, Waterford Kamhlaba.


Land prices/land availability researched.


A 3 week research trip to Swaziland (speaking to physiotherapists/doctors/local government) resulted in full annual expenses being costed.


Initial Architect plans have been drawn up: examining all of the regulations and advice on the necessary dimensions of each room for those in a wheelchair.

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