Refresh Yourself


We all deserve to live fully, to let go of the lie that we are NOT perfect exactly as we are.  Only within this space can we truly appreciate the incredible beauty of the wild world in which we live.  We are all of us unique, powerful, vibrant and natural beings, born of this earth.  Reconnecting with wild nature is the quickest/healthiest way to reconnect with OUR true natures PLUS our wildlife/plant life NEEDS our help too.. 

This 'Refresh Yourself Package' allows us to DOUBLY thrive... 

#Refresh yourself to... #Refresh our UK landscape!


1. It empowers YOU to recognise a vital, much hidden truth, that we are all ENOUGH exactly as we already are.  This package is specifically to refresh/reset, to acknowledge that fundamental fact.  


2. 100% of profits from each sale contribute to re-wilding our UK urban areas through Pocket Protection, naturalising wasted spaces within our urban landscapes: improving urban water purification, air quality, mental well being & even aiding flood prevention, not to mention #LettingWildlifeIn to thrive alongside us and boost our dwindling pollinators.  #ReigniteTheWild

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Priced at £39 this package includes...

"I am Whole, I am Complete" Recorded Meditation.

I can't put into words how bloody, brilliantly awesome this meditation is, created bespoke by Edward Pike.  It's a call to be present and powerfully acknowledge that you are enough EXACTLY as you are.  You can keep the 19 mins & 44 second recording & listen to it as often as you like: every time that you need to remember, "I am enough EXACTLY as I am." (MP3 emailed on purchase).


30 Day Plan - Re-Learn to Love Yourself.  


You are PERFECT as you already are.  This training plan/information pack (via Physical Peak) is just to make you FEEL even better, even stronger, even happier within your awesome self.  Focusing on strength, well being, posture, super foods, earthing and getting out into nature.  


Natural Medicinals.  


3 x Conscious Water 'Flower Essences' - To be mixed with water & distilled specifically from plants that will boost your mood and mental well being: Rejuvenation, Clarity, Happiness.



A handful of wildflower seeds (from Wild Meadow Expert, Colin Reader) to RE-WILD the land around you & colour-up your local environment.  Scatter them in the garden/on your walk to work/in a local park.  #ReigniteTheWild 


Refresh Your Body.  


Your choice: Shampoo Bar OR Soap Bar.

(All options are from Friendly Soap: 100% plant based, natural, vegan & cruelty free).