• Alana

Through the mists I had to find faith in myself…

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

I find ‘following your heart’ like the ‘Felix Felicis’ (Lucky Potion) scene in Harry Potter (Geeky? Maybe!) where liquid luck leads him to make all sorts of decisions that don’t appear logical on the surface but (tapping into the flow!) generate the desired outcome, none the less.

My mind tells me that I should be making calls/connections - and I will in a minute - but first I feel that I have to write this. That writing this (in this moment) is very important.

I have found a great deal of fear in being ‘visible’ and ‘putting myself out there.’ I’m not sure I can tell you why. It was just a bone deep horror at being the centre of attention, of being vulnerable.

Mill(y)onaire Milly has featured - to this date - as just a refreshment stand/stall. What a tiny part to play! Appearing at others’ events. Keeping in the shadows so as not to take from their glory and celebrations. It was a good start because it eased me into a full time life on the road and it proved that there was a popular demand for Partner products BUT it was half hearted and unaligned with my true passion, to empower community/togetherness.

December/January/February Travels

Milly-The-Van is a point of powerful connection: a Catalyst. She physically brings together people either socially, with those (professionally) who can help them live their hopes/goals (Mission Milly Business Partners, providing a multitude of services) or with the eco-products of those Mission Milly Partners who aspire to help everyone live more aligned with animals and the planet - affordably - in their day to day lives.

There’s fire & passion driving Mission Milly. Through Milly-The-Van (Nationally, Globally and Locally) humans can access community and connection. They’ll do that either online and/or though sharing hot drinks and scrummy snacks in Mill(y)onaire Milly herself BUT everyone will know why they are there: to tap into a powerful 'togetherness', humming with life, power and empathy. It will be exhilarating.

We will learn collectively that we have great power already. We are conditioned - as a society - to hand power up, to governments especially. Then we plead our will through protests and petitions. I don’t believe it to be the way forward. ‘Protests’ and ‘Petitions’ might begin with ‘P’ but they are not power itself. Instead of handing the power up we should keep it right where it is, in our own hands. Every penny we spend has immense impact and effects the sway of our economic market. If there’s something you’re against, don’t spend money on it. If there’s something you stand for, embrace it. Take conscious responsibility over every minute of your day and every decision you make. We are all immensely powerful and it’s time to own it and Milly will be a point of community to happily, gently start to believe in our own effectiveness again.

Through Mission Milly, I will be offering opportunities to spend time in nature/amongst wildlife. Now, we are in the UK and let’s be honest, it’s probably going to rain, so Milly will also be a communal space of warmth, shelter & refreshments, to enable these ventures into the outdoors. I just want to invite you to spend time and energy with emerging life (from fish to ferns to foxes) who have mastered an uncomplicated lifestyle.

Throughout January, SO much has gone wrong with Mission Milly & almost all of it out of my control. From Laptops dying, phones dying, double punctures, getting snowed in, batteries running low, seals in the van doors leaking & poorly doggies, January has felt like a month of doors slamming in my face, every time I tried to move forward. I’m not a great one for anything (at all) being ‘meant to be’ but to take a positive from all of this, a reluctant idea has emerged….

If all of January/February had gone well, I would not be writing this blog post. I would have organised dozens of events as a refreshment stand/coffee shop/stall. I would be living in the shadows.

Instead, over the last few weeks a new and powerful understanding has fought through the panic. Mission Milly is about living in the light and liberating others to do the same. No half measures, no bowing to fear and shyness. Mission Milly must be bold or fail. Milly-The-Van is a (literal) vehicle of happiness and excitement. She’s local (as one friend said) to everyone, being almost permanently on the road.

It’s time to take a deep breath and see just what can be achieved when we’re in this together…

Local to Everyone!