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Vibrational Healing with Saskia

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

I never thought a few years ago that I’d cheerfully write about the very grounding peacefulness that I feel when open water swimming or actually hugging trees. Hugging trees?? Sounds mental doesn’t it??

Did you know that walking on grass/rock/any natural surface actually resets the cells throughout your entire body? There’s a proven physical change, shown in scientific scans of the human body before & after simply connecting with nature & the vibrational energy of the earth.

‘We are one’ is a phrase that’s appealing to me a lot at the moment, possibly because it’s so basic and so true. We ARE one - we are an ocean of identical atoms, presented through infinitely different forms and our vibrations (as everyone from Paul McKenna to Deepak Chopra will tell you) call and hum to anything on a similar frequency.

So it should come as no surprise that vibrational healing is becoming more and more mainstream, as mindfulness becomes standard. Flower Essences are one form of this: “Vibrational healing is anything that is taken into the body that contains virtually none of the physical matter of the thing it is made from and helps with healing. [In this case] It contains the vibration of the plant.

“Flower Essences work on the (scientifically proven) principals that a) water holds the memory of things placed in it – mostly due to the unique quality and shape of the water molecules - and b) that everything in nature has its own individual vibration.

"Flower Essences are liquids (usually taken internally as drops under the tongue), that contain the vibrational imprint of the plants they are from. When this liquid is absorbed by the body all of the water in your body receives that vibration – a bit like a radio wave travelling through air. Your body then gets a feeling for that particular plant and your whole being learns how to be more like that flower…. Similar to when you spend time with a particular friend and start behaving/talking like them.

“This learning affects people on different levels – but mostly they are used for bringing awareness to and releasing negative emotional patterns of thought and behaviour that we take on through life. Each flower has its own ‘personality’ so you take different essences to shift/learn’ bring awareness to different things.”

Getting to know Saskia since she SO kindly accepted my invitation to become a Mission Milly Partner has been a joy. What’s even more infectious is her absolute commitment to the well being of others and how dedicated she is to the use of plants to offer solace, relief, focus, creativity and generally just the aid and re-balance at times when humans (in our mixed up, heady, rush driven world) need it most.

“It is always better, in my opinion, to look at what is causing the illness rather than just treating the symptoms. Surely it is better to tackle issues before they cause dis-ease. It is when we are out of balance that we are more likely to get physically ill... If you are aware and look after your emotional health you are much more able to cope with viruses coming your way. It also helps us to stops storing negative emotions in our body – again causing illness.

“Using Flower Essences whenever we notice that we’re ‘not quite right’ helps to keep us in balance and our whole being working in wellness. They are also great to use for emotional support when we are dealing with illness which sometimes is unavoidable.”

Saskia Marjoram has been working with flowers at different levels for her whole life. As a professional gardener for more than 30 years, and florist to HRH Prince of Wales for a long time, she started making flower essences in 2003 fascinated by how plants and humans interact.

Her deep love, friendship and knowledge of the flowers has continued to grow as she discovers just how powerfully their energy affects, and interacts, with us.

Given my own far more limited experience, Saskia’s practical claims make complete sense to me. I’d invite everyone reading this to try them, buying either from Milly herself (I’m proudly carrying assorted bottles to sell) or directly from her WEBSITE.


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