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Does Samantha’s Journey Resonate With You?

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

How many of us could recover after years of domestic violence, the physical damage we’ve been left with, the emotional exhaustion and then the aftermath: looking at being a single parent?

I feel very grateful to have connected with Samantha Francis, not because her story is haunting or reminds me of how fortunate I’ve been but actually because I’m in complete awe of her subsequent path and achievements and her generosity of spirit to evolve such suffering and anxiety into a way of life that empowers and lifts other women, mothers and children too.

I am only beginning to open my mind to the concept of energy healing. Being a Reiki Healer myself under pressure from a parent who felt that I had a healer’s nature (at 18) I very rarely practice Reiki myself. I had the original ‘attunement’ and then used it very little. Sometimes I am convinced it works (although I could NEVER tell you how, I WILL say that I have felt nothing like the waves of crashing energy since) and other times I am as skeptical as any other non believer.

Getting to know Samantha though (and becoming more drawn to meditation myself over the last year) has renewed my curiosity.

I asked Samantha if I could tell her story, since it’s an important one to be told. I believe that it provides hope & empowers options to those who may have also lost faith. If that’s you, read on and see if Samantha’s experiences strike a chord. In her own words, “My journey to where I am today has been an extremely painful but enlightening one. I have come through various situations, that without having a strong and flexible mindset, I believe would have broken me completely.

“I faced domestic violence for 13 years, severe depression, physical impairment, a brain injury, becoming a single parent twice, no family or friends for support, years of ongoing stress and fear and I have experienced life living with physical pain.

"How did I get through all of this? I maintained a strong mindset and belief in myself that I would get through it and create a life I wanted. I explored a relationship with myself through self-development and focusing only on what I wanted and before I knew it, my life was changing for the better. I studied various qualifications such as NLP and coaching and mentoring and went down a more holistic pathway by becoming a therapist also. I ultimately gave attention to my life holistically to bring in positive changes and a resilient mindset.

“My journey into energy healing came from me being physically impaired after the birth of my first child. I had lost the use of my right arm, was in so much pain when I was walking and was on crutches and despite years of physio, I was no further forwards, and nobody could work out what was wrong with me. I refused to believe that I was going to remain stuck in that physical state and I knew there had to be a better way forward, I had a child to look after and I could not remain like that.

“I explored several alternative therapies and for me, the only one that resonated was Reiki as after one session, I was able to walk pain free and use my body to its full capacity again. It was like a miracle. I was also severely depressed and that had lifted too after a few sessions. I just kept getting better and better and when I reflected, I could see that the stress of the pregnancy, my relationship at the time and a three-day labour had created a huge amount of stress in my body that remained stuck and needed releasing.

“Simultaneously, my life changed for the better in all areas. I truly believe pain is an indicator of stuck or stagnant emotions whether it is from the recent past or not, energy will travel and accumulate in areas that feel vulnerable and it is down to us to remove and release it.

"We often ignore the first signs of unwellness as we tend to not pay too much attention to our emotional wellbeing, but we do pay attention to when we get physically unwell or something happens to our health where the body has forced us to stop and pay attention to our self-care.

“I believe the body will always reflect to you what the state of mind is, something as simple as anxiety can manifest itself into something such as a cold to a disease.”

Empowered Samantha

Now, are you as amazed (and not a little humbled) as I was when I first learned about Samantha’s journey? I believe that it resonates with anyone who has suffered and is - perhaps - still a little lost.

The immense, practical power of NLP & mindfulness are well documented now. Personally, I have reaped huge rewards from a combination of NLP and meditation/mindfulness: I attracted great people and circumstances, making money became a lot easier, choices became simpler/clearer and I could go on and on.

After speaking to Samantha though, I am DEFINITELY going to throw energy healing into the mix. Suffering sometimes crippling anxiety in 2014 (and for a few years onwards, before I started working with the most amazing therapist) that was born from a huge charity campaign that I launched and then worked round the clock on (no weekends, no holidays) for over 2 years, a friend of mine, Edward Pike told me that he felt instinctively that my heart chakra was blocked. I trust Ed completely - he’s one of the few people I absolutely recommend to anyone I know to be vulnerable and in need of solace/peace/understanding. He really has a gift. His words have stayed with me and Samantha’s tale has inspired me further to see if there is some truth in stored energy (from my own negative experiences) calling to be heard and released.

Samantha is another of the rare few that I would recommend working with. She is so genuine and so grounded. I even personally invited her to be one of the founding Mission Milly Partners because I felt that there was a huge need for her work and that the least I could do was to share her story, for others to benefit from.

Samantha is (as you must have guessed already) now a Holistic Coach. I’d invite you to check her out for yourself, if any part of this article has touched a nerve. Again, in her own words…

“My coaching methods are always inspiring and empowering. My aim is to empower my client into feeling a level of confidence to go forward and achieve their goals and create solutions for themselves whilst knowing they have support and care that has their back. I am not afraid to dig deep with a client and call them out on their behaviour to show them what is holding them back but by doing so, we clear the blockages and create a pathway to creating the life they want.”

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