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My Heart/Passion…

Providing home, shelter, balance, equality & a way to live freely for ALL life! The home in Swaziland for 8 disabled youngsters was initially the beginnings of this but not the whole idea which - if I was a big believer in fate - could be why it had to evolve to this point before it could start happening... It’s also why I’ve remained so committed to the home despite the set backs since 2014...

The home won’t just be a refuge for 8 youngsters but also a refuge for ALL life... A powerful place, equality for all: a balance of home/wilderness.

That’s why the Milly Van herself is also symbolically a place of shelter for every visitor… And now, these POCKETS of refuge (within commercial areas) are to provide homes, haven, shelter & a fair chance for 1000s of creatures…. Insects, mammals, birds, amphibians…. All life demands respect in its many forms/representations.

As Rumi says, “You are not a drop in an ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop” and so in its many forms and variations (of our unified energy) should all life experience a place to feel at peace and from which to feel strong and revel in its potential. Even if the tiny mouse hiding in the grass gets picked off by a keen eyed owl one night, at least it was able to know a place to live richly during its short existence.

Beautifully, I hope that my work (from the mobile platform that is Milly) will allow nature to mesh within our urban sprawl as natural integrated wildernesses, both in commercial & residential areas & (continuing my work in the Milly Van acting as a planet based, eco coffee shop/stall) I'll also be making accessible NATIONWIDE products to use within our homes/businesses that also lessen our impact with the planet and #DoNoHarm… Harmonization on many levels.

I’ve long wondered at how we can more sustainably live without returning back to the earth/living in mud huts & tearing down the houses/buildings that we already call home. I believe that there is a way to #LetLifeIn and live a more integrated existence without sacrifice.

Learning as much about bringing the natural wilderness into urban spaces as possible through ‘Pocket Protection’ & building a community of those invested in this lifestyle, I will be simultaneously accepting donations (and bringing on corporate sponsorship) for the home in Swaziland as both a long awaited haven for 8 disabled youngsters AND also a unique template for allowing nature to thrive with us whilst not giving up the modern comforts that we have become accustomed to.

Helping to manifest the Swazi home by naming it already, ‘Wild Anchor’ will need to be modern enough to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users requiring weekly rehabilitation (sustainable solar energy & rainwater catchers/water filters will be integrated into the planning) & wild enough to nourish life in the local area, also gifting peace for the residents within a natural space.

‘Wild Anchor’ will be incorporated into Waterford Kamhlaba’s local community service programme, offering teenagers (boarding from all over the world) the chance to work within and assess the template of wild/urban-living (perhaps recommending their own improvements) and carrying the idea back to their own countries to be replicated: a ripple effect to #LetLifeIn as part of a planetary shift in consciousness.

This is the gift of being at peace, to be protectors, to be allowed to learn & observe, to allow realignment, to let the natural into the urban (and have the urban spaces act as places of refuge) like the balancing of the ying/yang.

It’s a beautiful thing, to be able to take action within such an opportunity.

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