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What Am I Asking For? The Money to Make This Happen...

I am asking for YOUR investment to prove that being connected to (and immersed in nature) doesn’t have to be the right of the rich but is the right of all of humanity…

The money to ALSO be used for equality amongst ALL species: acknowledging that we all, in fact, simply deserve a fair chance.

I offer: OWNERSHIP… Those who fund Pocket Protection (Partners/Benefactors) get to nominate the next sites to be rewilded... You can draw it quickly into your lives and be founding voices in the conversation... Helping to make it happen...

And if we hit hurdles: if the councils are at all resistant to the purchasing of Pockets such as THESE

Then, whilst examining this as a topical issue (and filming conversations with those for/against Pocket Protection for our media campaign) I will simultaneously buy land that is already up for sale (garages that are falling down, disused small carparks) as close to the already nominated areas (chosen for rewilding) as possible, so that the physical rejuvenation of our landscape will begin whilst we overcome the hurdles that the local councils might be concerned about.

And the money IMMEDIATELY opens the conversation on being equal to all life... And what does this mean? And how can humanity benefit from this?

And it funds a 6 month media campaign, opening up and discussing this topic... Articles, interviews... At the core of which is the belief: we are equal and part of the eco system - not separate and dominant to it...

And we are powerful, as individuals and a united collective, to transform the landscape around us without waiting for permission and embracing working together for the good of all: humanity, bees & all wild creatures.

For once we don’t have to be in charge, to work, to try really hard... We just have to let it in and step into our place within it: to benefit from it, to be physically and mentally healed by stepping into it... ‘Rewilding’ doesn’t have to be about being responsible, it’s about letting go of the responsibility and just ALLOWING it in, to do what it does best and to help us at the same time: effortlessly...

Mission Milly has no political agenda: there will be no name calling/labelling of beliefs and opinions. This is simply an opportunity for humanity to unite as equals and quietly, effectively and efficiently (and PERMANENTLY) create wild spaces to exist within again, for the benefit of humanity and all wild species across our UK landscape to thrive together, forever.


Alana xx

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