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Here's to our wondrous glory, to our right to thrive!

I wanted to make this very public since it's been such an immense revelation for me: such a leap of understanding.

As a few reading this will know (and that's really the point, only a FEW know so far) Mission Milly was sparked by My Million To One Swapsies: my promise to build 8 disabled youngsters in Swaziland a home for life.

How that evolved so powerfully into this current Mission was a mystery even to me: it seemed to happen so organically but take off so quickly.

Thankfully, sitting in quiet contemplation last week, allowing truths I'd been too busy to acknowledge to come up, I suddenly saw it all...

Mill(y)onaire Milly is so named because I’ve promised to raise £1,000,000 to build a ‘home for life’ for 8 disabled youngsters in Swaziland.  The £1,000,000 will be placed in trust and 4% interest will fund the home every year - funding everything from rehabilitation to picnics - and I will never need to fundraise again.  The capital sum will be self sustaining.  Over time the original 8 youngsters will have passed from the home & the house will go on to be a home to 8 more disadvantaged disabled youngsters, and so over many years, 100s of lives will be nurtured where they once would have suffered.

I raised over £3000 in 2014 and then fell very ill.  Now healed, this is my continuation...

My Million To One Swapsies has always been about equality and human connection.  These 8 youngsters are in dire need of help but they are also our teachers.  They allow us to step into their shoes and realise that we all have the same needs: to be loved, to belong, good health & to enjoy our beautiful world.  Connection INSTEAD of condescension.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that during the 2014 campaign this belief in the equality of all of humanity extended to a great understanding (a deep undeniable truth) in the equality of ALL life, from plants to wildlife to fish life.

When I decided to hit the road and raise the £1,000,000 for the home in person, ‘Mission Milly’ (as it is now) came into being in the form described below very naturally & powerfully as a continuation of all that had already happened...

The Milly-Van honours and connects all life by being a vegan coffee shop and vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly merchandise stall.  She is a place of shelter/a safe haven (representing that same shelter that I’m building for the youngsters) and a place to access products, services and refreshments that re-align us all with the planet in a very practical (non mystical) way: these are natural, kind products that place the need of no ONE species above another and that - during use - only release natural elements back into our soils and waters, doing no harm.

I’ve given myself 3 years to raise the £1,000,000 - through coffee/tea sales but mainly by sharing my story and the Milly-Van’s profile to allow for significant donations/sponsorship over the 3 years. 

Within those 3 years (begun on 29th November 2018) the Milly-Van will be a point of connection (a catalyst) to liberate 1000s of people to recognise and take joy in the power we all have by providing community & 100% acceptance to celebrate life together, willing all life (animal, plant and fish!) to thrive with us and providing (simply making super accessible) opportunities to be equal to all life and more aligned with our eco system again.  

Finally, the MMTO Swapsies model allows for GLOBAL human connection and deep GRATITUDE for daily blessings: a chance for donors to live the life they’re gifting these youngsters (as they build it for them) who will also be living as much in harmony with our planet as possible and with respect for all life.

So here's to all of us - ALL of life - in our wondrous glory, to our right to thrive!

Alana xxx

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