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I ask you, "Love?"....

I originally wrote this letter to everyone who had supported my Swazi home - ‘Wild Anchor’ - fundraising campaign back in 2014. It was a very emotive letter to send. I wanted to share it here too, since a lot of people have since supported me (emotionally, financially) towards the fulfilment of this promise (and ALL that it has subsequently led to) but aren’t on the official mailing list and I want to say, “Thank you”…

I’m so pleased to be able to write to you now. The Swazi home - ‘Wild Anchor’- is not yet built, but for the first time it is clear how it WILL be built and (if all goes to plan) how it will be built next year, almost 18 months earlier than I originally planned.

I imagine that a few of my emails recently have appeared to be off topic. I must have seemed to have drifted into animal welfare work/conservation work… What did this have to do with the home?

We’ve been connected for a long while now haven’t we, since 2014? You’ve seen me fail at raising the £1,000,000 in 2014. You may have read my STORY on what I went through and how I have had to recover. Perhaps you have also been aware of my JOURNEY of discovery: tapping into a place of strength from which to work and achieve my goals/fulfil my promises?
When I hit the road in Campervan, Mill(y)onaire Milly last November, I had no real idea at all of how I would raise the £1,000,000 for the home. I just knew that I had given myself 3 years.
I stumbled across opportunities to help millions of other lives while I travelled… Rewilding our UK urban landscape to create permanent space for plants/insects/wildlife and to benefit humanity within those areas too: cleaner water, cleaner air, green spaces full of life instead of damaging, barren concrete. (This further allowed me to develop my plans to help end animal testing: speaking to Animal Free Research and Cruelty Free International).

But what had this to do with the home? To be honest, for a while, I wasn’t sure. I felt guilty for drifting away from my original promise, for not giving it my full focus. My heart was pulling me towards the work I could do NOW in the UK, yet I was still 100% committed to keeping my promise to build the home in Swaziland.

A lot of people asked me why I didn’t just give up on the home. I was only helping 8 people after all (initially) and compared to the work that I was finding myself enabled to do in the UK, it seemed far less important. But my heart (again) insisted that it WAS important to build Wild Anchor. After some quiet reflection I finally understood why: I had made a promise and there are some promises in life that you don’t break, not if you can help it. I know that I’m only helping 8 people in Swaziland initially BUT - as a friend pointed out - a home is someone’s whole world and I would be providing that 8 times over.

With my new knowledge/experiences in nature too, I had also understood that the home should not simply be for 8 human residents but should be a wild refuge for all local wildlife: as wild and healing a space as it was possible to practically make it. A true combination of modern comfort and sustainable living, aligned WITH all other life rather than aiming to be separate from it. For youngsters who have especially suffered abandonment and trauma, it would be a space of true healing and peaceful immersion in nature.


And so how am I funding the home? By focusing on my work in the UK and allowing a large community - the ’Wild Community’ - to grow substantially which THEN allows me to offer 200 ethical, UK companies (for an upfront commitment of 6 years) significant sales/promotional opportunities AND corporate BENEFITS for £1000 each annually - raising £200,000 per year.

(Win/Win! - I will only be working with UK companies whose products/services will be of genuine interest/benefit to the Wild Community).

(£100,000 the first year funds the land purchase, the house build and the first year’s costs, with £100,000 going into savings). £160,000 the next year moves into savings (£40,000 for house running costs) and so on for 6 years. This funds the annual running COSTS of the home for 6 years whilst building up a £1,000,000 LUMP SUM to be invested to yield 4% annual interest, to fund the home permanently from then on.

And how is the £1,000,000 invested? In property to be used to allow people to tap back into their ‘inner wild’… Homes and buildings to be used for ‘wild’ retreats, hired by companies selling foraging, wild swimming and other ‘wild outdoor’ services/events. This income provides £40k annually to fund the home in Swaziland WHILE aiding people in the UK to live warmer, richer, healthier and more aligned lives, tapping us all back into nature. (Partners who have paid £1000 to be in the Mission Milly Club get discounted rates off hiring fees too).

And how do I know this investment will yield 4% interest? Because I have spent the last 9 months working with companies who would either hire these spaces or who run similar ventures themselves.


And here’s my personal plea…. Please join in??

We connected because YOU had a kind heart and you have continued to humour me, listen to me and believe in this home. Do you also believe in HOW I am achieving this? Really, creating ‘homes’ and ‘safe spaces’ is all I’m doing, across all 3 complementary/intertwined projects: a safe space for wildlife/nature (and greener spaces for humanity) through Pocket Protection, cleaner waters (homes for aqua life) and ceasing the suffering of animals in labs (to live, knowing that they are safe) through the Eco Intent Scheme and - of course - building ‘Wild Anchor’ for 8 - human and in need - disabled Swazi youngsters.

I know from travelling in the Milly Van that as nomadically or freely as we can all live, we all still need a safe space, even if that’s wherever we set up each night. We all deserve that.

Join the Urban Rewilding Facebook Group. Follow me on 'Wild Anchor's' Twitter/Facebook channels. Invite me for a coffee when I’m in your neck of the woods.

There’s a message from Amanda Palmer’s book, ‘The Art of Asking’ that I adore and that deeply resonates with me. In business (even if that business is charitable) we often over complicate matters. Really, it comes down to one offering…. I am asking you, “Love?” And it’s up to you if you would like to accept my invitation to make this happen with me, and answer, “Yes… Love.”

Alana xxx

"Love?" "Yes... Love."

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