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I am perfect and enough EXACTLY as I am...

I used to believe that to help other people/animals I had to sacrifice and work super hard: that my own needs should come second and having fun/investing in myself was time wasting. I could talk all about ‘abundance’ and ‘self care’ and ‘being in the present’ but it wasn’t until the last 5 weeks that something significant in me shifted and I swear it was because I started swimming in lakes and walking in forests and really consciously reconnecting to the natural world that we are born from. It’s why Pocket Protection means SO much to me.

I have created the opportunities that I have now - the platform of the Milly Van - and it allows me to spend time in nature as I work from a mobile office but SO many people aren’t blessed with the same support that I have experienced and - because of that - spending time within green spaces is a luxury when it should be a right. Hence my efforts rewilding urban spaces: surrounding people with the nature, green and ‘wild’ that they are entitled to for their own well being and for all of life to thrive with us too.

This time in nature has ALSO led to a fundamental conscious change of mindset: an understanding (at a core, not superficial level) that I am perfect and enough EXACTLY as I am, combined with the knowledge that if I’m not strong, fully in love with myself, present and wild within myself and always acting to honour myself, I will achieve only a fraction of what I can compared to when I am tapping into my maximum potential.

To fully repay the trust that others have placed in me, I have to trust MYSELF to fulfil my goals/vision and to do that I have started to love every minute of every day, listen to music (and dance!) a lot more, recognise the joyful potential in every opportunity, appreciate every bit of support/kindness that I receive, be bold and reach out to those highly placed to help me, expect the best to always happen and - recent and vital lesson - let go (with a HUGE hug!) anyone who doesn’t 100% respect/value/desire my time, energy and heart.

So, here’s to standing up and acknowledging that I am fabulous, that I do the best I can every day to help people out and put out a lot of love (because we all deserve to be as happy as possible!) that I loooooove all of the incredible people surrounding me (friends, family and dogs) that I’m super lucky and blessed and that wonderful, positive, lush changes for nature/animals will be born from this state of being.

And the most important lesson by far: only spend time and invest with those who love you equally (be they friend, lover or acquaintance) or just cut them loose: I owe it to all that I intend to achieve through Pocket Protection, Eco Intent & the Swazi Home, not to let valuable energy be sapped by those who - through no fault of their own - can’t love me/appreciate me/share time with me in the way that we all deserve.

Alana xx

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