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Clean Conscience, Clean Toes

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

When my first little Schnoodle pooch came into my life in 2015 (followed by his fatter, squishier younger brother in 2017) I became hyper sensitive to the intelligence and characters of not just Jax & Bud but - with renewed realisation - all animals.

A few years earlier I’d owned the most awesome little Siberian Hamster called Sid. He was such a tiny fluffy dude. I bought him the biggest cage that I could (with tubes running all around the outside) and at early evening when he woke up he’d come to the door to be let out and he’d run around the living room, coming up to sit on our laps sometimes and nibble carrot treats. When we went to bed we’d leave the cage open and by morning he’d have taken himself off to bed.

He was my little mate and I reckon he was content because he had all the freedom we could give him to be a happy little guy.

Sid, Jax & Bud have been guiding lights for me. From spiders to seagulls, it no longer occurs to me that I’m ‘above’ another species or that my life/comfort is worth more than a rabbit’s in a lab.

Unsurprisingly, avoiding any products tested on animals/using animal products has become a priority. I won’t drone on about what goes on - we all know. It’s just up to us to make decisions that we can live with based on the information available to us.

With this current surge of interest in animal welfare, it’s easier than ever to be ‘vegan’ or ‘cruelty free’ but one of the first front runners that I’m SO pleased to be working with - as a Wildscaping Worldwide Partner - is Friendly Soaps. You may already know of them? It seems that most people do. Their soaps/shampoo bars/cleansers are not only cruelty free & vegan but sustainable and all in biodegradable packaging. Most of all, I’d describe them as a ‘mindful’ company….

“POWERED BY HANDS - Friendly soap is made using the ancient cold-process method which creates a biodegradable soap with zero by-products. Energy consumption is kept to an absolute minimum - each and every bar is poured and cut by hand and packed in recycled and recyclable card boxes, here in the UK.”

What’s wonderful about chatting to Geoff (my main point of contact) is what a wonderful, straight forward and down to earth guy he is. Friendly Soap reflects this. Decades ago when it wasn’t so possible to find cruelty free, vegan products - when pure profit was a priority - Geoff decided that if he couldn’t find soaps that he WANTED to buy, he’d make his own.

“For Rob and Geoff, making soap is about so much more than manufacturing a product. It is a constant process of learning, improving and refining, in order to make as little impact on nature and health as possible.”

Geoff & Rob don’t just ‘talk about it’ but live it: their entire business is based on conscious mindfulness and deliberate responsibility & accountability for all decision making. They LIVE by their ethics. They were vegan before it became a ‘trend’.

Their soaps are formed from gorgeous, sensational products: natural plant-based oils – coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. Essential oils, flowers, spices and herbs are used for their scent and colour & even their healing properties.

“By constantly scrutinising our production methods and working practices, we take little steps towards our goal of producing a zero impact natural soap and business model that benefits the planet, its animals and its people.”

This last quote from Geoff & Rob is important & poignant (for me anyway). The reason being that I started working with Kat Byles/Edward Pike recently (2 great teachers in mindfulness and tapping into your intuition) and what surged up for me during one of the guided meditations (and I wouldn’t even say that I’m ‘spiritual’ but simply that I am learning to cut through the noise to be true to my passions) was that Wildscaping Worldwide was about providing balance: for People, Animals and the Planet. For ALL life as we see it: Conscious Responsibility and Compassion.

Geoff and Rob epitomise that for me. They are honest, genuine & kind. They live true to their beliefs and WOW do their soaps reflect this empowered goodness. Seriously, they are flying off the shelves! Be kind to yourself - and kind to the planet & fluffy bunnies - and give their SOAPS a try. You won’t go back.

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