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Holistic medicine, holistic ideas & mindfulness, made into a beverage...

Love, Happiness, Sweet Dreams, Rejuvenation, Clarity, and Serenity. How willingly we go without these precious necessities for our own well being. Do you remember your last ‘sweet dream’ and have you ever prioritised your emotional well being during the night?

How often do we wish our children/even our pets, “Sweet dreams” and truly hope that they enjoy them and wake rejuvenated and uplifted? When did you last wish that for yourself or have we all so accepted a fundamental level of stress in our lives that we simply hope to sleep through and wake up not too tired, to clutch at our coffees and teas before the new day devours us?

But there’s a shift happening now: an understanding (sweeping across our society as mindfulness and meditation finally edge into our mainstream habits) that being present and mindful and focusing within (and indeed, putting ourselves first more than rarely) is less of a luxury and more about our absolute survival.

Working with Conscious Water (and hearing the Founder, Ilan, speak with such genuine passion about his water essences) has been both fantastic and educational. There are 6 sachets (to be added to a glass of water) with different holistic purposes. As Ilan was telling me the other day on the phone, “Conscious Water (Flower Essences) are made to improve people’s days. Holistic medicine and holistic ideas and mindfulness, made into a beverage.

There are 3 flower essences combined within each sachet, their properties dependent on the feelings and nourishment that they are producing.

The Conscious Water Essences affect your Inner well-being, bringing you the power of nature that’s inspiring and opening. The essences give you a boost every day by reminding you to take this moment, a deep breath and choosing to be present: expanding the way you see the world.

The flowers themselves create this expansion of consciousness and awareness. There is a beautiful synchronicity: you are choosing this empowerment and the flowers provide this empowerment.

Flower essences are based in Water’s memory - water remembers at a molecular level when flowers are soaked in water (proven scientifically) and you drink that essence into your body. The work of the flowers combined with yourself: bringing the power back to you. People will have the confidence to trust themselves. Well-being for body, mind & spirit in ONE glass of water.”

Flower essences come from preserved blossoms that hold the “essence” of the flower, which contains a subtle energy that can resonate with the body. Each essence and combination has a unique energy.

A flower essence is created by adding the petals of a particular botanical to spring water. The mixture is then allowed to bask in the sun for several hours/be boiled for distillation, depending on the flower itself. The resulting essence is further diluted down with more spring water & then a tiny tincture of alcohol, usually brandy, is added to preserve the essence and to further dilute it.

Ultimately, we are made of water and these Water Essences will combine with our body’s water to expand our consciousness in different ways, dependent on the botanical flowers combined within each sachet.

All I can say, as I round up this post, it to take some time and try them for yourself. Really commit to your own well being. Choose whichever combination of medicinal properties most calls to you (‘Love’, 'Clarity’, ‘Happiness’?) and be present and mindful as you drink it in a glass/bottle of water. We are 80% water after all and our bodies have called for plant based nourishment since the dawn of humanity, both medicinally and nutritionally.

It’s time to put yourself first.

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