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Celebration Without Sacrifice...

I’m inviting you to shake/shimmer today, tomorrow & forever thanks to Mission Milly Partner - founded by kindred spirit, Sophie - Eco Glitter Fun

We humans have adorned ourselves with decoration and trinkets for (as far as we are aware) 25,000 years, the earliest pins and brooches originating from the practical need to clasp clothing together and to then begin to represent rank, identification and celebration.

We have evolved into a species that likes to present itself through all the colours of the rainbow (as many shades as possible) enhancing our own attributes and expressing our singular identities through our choices of style...

For a long time however, these desires have come at a price for the earth around us. We have pulled precious metal from the ground and littered our oceans with plastic glitters, purely to colour ourselves up to glow to all around us.

It seems that there’s a need in us - perhaps because we lack the resplendent beauty of the peacock - to make up for our monotone skin/hair and that even the flash of red lips or blue/green/brown eyes isn’t enough to feel that we shine our brightest…

So thank goodness for Eco Glitter, allowing us to celebrate without sacrifice and to paint ourselves in crazy swirls & blast our competitors for attention out of the skies as we are admired for the gloriously bejewelled beings that we are, swaggering & swaying…

It’s no surprise to me that the co- founder of Eco Glitter Fun - Sophie Awdry - is as bright and shining as the glitter she sells.

Eco Glitter Fun allows us to express ourselves without causing harm, to the planet or to animals. In a world dominated by grey urban landscapes, perhaps it’s no surprise that we feel a social need to fill it with colour and to do so through our very physical presence.

Bright shimmering greens, purples, oranges (and 1000s of other pigmentations) swirl and swipe across our faces, arms, stomachs & shoulders (for example) allowing the less confident of us to enhance our eyes, lips and bare skin instead of feeling held back by thinking that we should be a different shape, size or weight…. We can be free to choose the colours that set us apart from those who might perhaps be more conventionally beautiful.

Our eyes might be our best feature but they’re stuck behind glasses or we may feel like a hidden warrior/warioress (unacknowledged for the powerful, lovable person that we feel ourselves to truly be) but glitter can make up for all of that because we find ourselves empowered to declare our true nature through our choices of use, patterns and iridescences.

Painting ourselves up also seems to release our primal energy to celebrate more fully and dance more exuberantly, perhaps because we both stand out more BUT also feel somewhat hidden behind the decoration: a safe place from which to behave more authentically.

We have painted ourselves for centuries, sometimes to unite us, sometimes to stand alone, sometimes to rejoice and sometimes to prepare ourselves for war. This marking of our skin seems to operate as a kind of opening between our inner thoughts and the watching world. Our intentions are open to be read and our choices of colour and style can be significant.

Now that face paints and glitter are predominantly used for happier occasions, I wonder how much of our subconscious colour choices are to also attract the perfect mate? I wonder how much we are even aware of the colours we choose or the designs that we twist upon ourselves? I wonder how successful we are and how many marriages and families (otherwise missed out on) have come about because a sprinkling of paint/glitter caught a speculative, scanning eye across a crowded room?

I guess we’ll never know and that’s ok. We don’t have to know everything. I think that the only real responsibility we have on this planet is to express love, endeavour to do no harm (to all of life, earth, tree and animal) and express ourselves honestly and bravely. So since Eco Glitter enables us to ‘celebrate without sacrifice’ let’s go and do just that and get our shimmer on. We only ever have now, this moment, so let’s live it to our fullest and shine our brightest colours...

Alana xx

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