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The Power of a Moo Free Boost!!

A boost of encouragement can do more than just lift your spirits.

I wanted to write a personal thank you to a Company that surprised me in November with a super kind gesture. That gesture will not only make a financial difference to the Swaziland home but provided such a pitch forward in momentum that everything leading into December was just that little bit easier & sometimes that can make all the difference…

When Moo Free Chocolates came on board as a #MissionMilly Partner, I wanted to let everyone know a little more about them. Most people know that they’re vegan but even I - having bought their chocolates for years - didn’t know how responsible they were in every area of their business.

First though, I want to chat a little about my own experiences dealing with Moo Free. You can find out about the amazing work they do if you just read through their site but here’s a first hand account of dealing with them.

Cold-calling any company is a bit intimidating but Chris (in marketing) not only heard my idea through to the end but told me that I was doing well as I got a bit too enthusiastic and talked myself round in circles :-)

They came on board almost straight away. They chatted through the logistics. Chris - my point of contact - was lovely and human and super straightforward.

Then in November I got an email saying, “What's your phone number, please? I was hoping to run through something with you (it's good news!)” and Chris phones me and I find out that the lovely people at Moo have been chatting about Mission Milly & would like to (on top of their Partnership package) DONATE 100 Mini Moo bars to the Campervan Coffee Shop, all profits to help build the Swaziland home.

I bounced around a lot that afternoon. I was very excited!

I won’t go on & on about how brilliant Moo Free are because you can decide that for yourself, when you find out titbits of knowledge like…

“They only use the highest quality, organic and ethically sourced ingredients. They wrap their dairy free chocolate in fun, environmentally friendly packaging. They ensure that 100% of the waste from their factories does NOT go to landfill. They work with a number of charities to provide employment for people who have difficulties finding a job and as a result around 20% of their workforce are autistic.”

What I want to reflect on is the quote from Maya Angelou, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Moo Free made me feel sensible & valued & equal. Even if they hadn’t come on board (if Mission Milly hadn’t been right for them) they were polite & respectful right from the start.

It used to be that everyone - from Charities to Adventurers/Film Makers looking for Sponsorship - only emailed and just a few brave souls phoned. NOW, it seems that almost everyone picks up the phone because emails can be too easily ignored and if a company is super busy, your email is 60 lines down the list 5 minutes after you’ve sent it.

Moo Free (and not just them, I’ve been lucky with a lot of people giving me their time but I wanted to give Chris at Moo Free a special mention) didn’t treat me like a nuisance caller for 1 minute. They didn’t let on that they’d received dozens of calls that day, “Asking for 5 mins of your time.” They were just nice to me… And then they donated FREE chocolate, which is DEFINITELY a cause for celebration and something to write about!

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