1-To-1 Wildscaping For You


YOU'VE CONTRIBUTED TO THESE POTS - £3 a month (£1 for each 'pot) will contribute towards the following pots: 'Wildscape Our Urban Spaces' / 'Habitat For Humans/Wildlife!' / Support UK Wildlife In Law!'

CARRY ME WITH YOU - 'Live' my Wildscaping Worldwide vision with me everyday by receiving a bespoke keyring within 7 days of signing up as a 'Dream Patron - Keyring' and carrying our logo with you! 

CONSULTATIONS - Patrons can message me for unlimited FREE one-to-one consultations on how best to wildscape your particular Home Exterior/Interior as well as your local community.

PROGRESS REPORTS - On the 28th of EVERY month you will receive a 'progress report' on what your funding has achieved (especially the wild lives YOU have saved) under the following 4 headlines...  

A. Supporting UK Wildlife In Law... How our discussions/proposals for 'equal rights for UK wildlife' are progressing amongst Rescues, Rehabbers & other Wildlife Organisations & how quickly we are aiming towards updated legislation.  
B. Wildscaping (Long Term Global Vision)... How the 'wildscaping' of our UK Interiors, Homesteads & Communities is going: which localities in the UK are not only getting lusher/more colourful but are also committing to supporting their local wildlife.
C. Rubbish Revived... How far I am down the road in collaborating with specialist plastic upcycling companies to convert our plastic litter into wildscaping aids.
D. Home Habitats UK/Worldwide... How 'repurposing housing' in the UK and worldwide is going: true equality for all peoples & species.

What a star you are!  Alana xx