"Consciously Connected"



'Consciously Connected' is an ONLINE extension of the Milly-Van herself.

The Milly-Van acts as an anchor, offering physical connection, laughs, 100% acceptance (non-judgement) and kindness to all who meet within her.  It's a physical space in which life and laughter is honoured and embraced.  Through the products, refreshments and services that the Milly-Van makes available physically to those who visit her, everyone has the opportunity to realign in a tiny but immensely practical way with our own incredible eco system.

Under the Consciously Connected 'Umbrella', this same sanctuary is available online and in person within the UK.

We also (between all of us) enable all life to thrive equally through Consciously Connected, as 50% of your £23 subscription is donated once a month to animal, human and conservational charities/organisations, empowering all of life without discrimination or agenda. 

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Of the £23 Membership: 40% to Mill(y)onaire Milly, 10% Hamper/free products gifted with your purchases, 50% split equally between charities.

The £9.20 MM receives from your £23 membership (see breakdown below) will be used to keep Milly on the road AND research 'Pocket Protection' : creating pockets of refuge for ALL life around the UK & cleansing our atmosphere.

Wildflower Seeds

A FREE handful of wildflower seeds posted to you when you join, for you to scatter to help our pollinators to re-wild our beautiful world.

Online Get-Together

I'll host an online GET-TOGETHER from Mill(y)onaire Milly via Zoom to introduce everyone in the community to one another, plan picnics/outdoor parties (music/food/drink/nothing fancy AND always free!) & to share a short MEDITATION on complete acceptance and love for yourself (recorded by the incredible Edward Pike AND also available for download from SoundCloud) allowing you to concede/accept that you are perfect and ENOUGH exactly as you already are and to revel in all of the power that you already have.  This is a beautiful and extremely practical (not mystical) opportunity to simply be present and honour yourself.   


(14th of each month: 8pm.)

Physical Connection

Physical connection - When I'm in your neck of the woods, you're welcome to a FREE coffee/tea/hot choc from the van.


All the Members within a 30 mile radius will be given 48hrs notice to GET TOGETHER for afternoon tea.


There will always be at least one small dog in the van who may - be warned! - lick you to death :-)

Win a Hamper

Win a £25 Hamper: dozens of these will be announced out of the blue during the 3 year campaign.  You'll never know when it's going to happen - it could be tomorrow! - but you'll get an email telling you if you're a winner!  The winner can choose (as prizes to go in that Hamper) products/services from Mission Milly Partners (see 'Milly Recommends') & your bespoke box will be with you within 72 hours. (See T&Cs)

Planet - Loving Gift

Buy from the Mission Milly Stall yourself and your package will be posted within 48hrs with one FREE (select your choice at checkout) bar of Lavender Friendly Soap, Vegan Raw Chocolate Brownie or Cheeky Panda Cruelty Free, Bamboo Toilet Paper (4 rolls).

Love, Comfort & Equality

50% (£11.50) of your monthly subscription is gifted to enable small, highly effective and compassionate CHARITIES (of your and other subscribers' choosing) to gift love, comfort, empowerment, health and equality where it is needed most, be that animals, plants or people: we are all equal.  No discrimination or agenda.


(14th of each month.)


Milly's 'Love Ya!' Log Book.

What's missing a lot from this world is Community: a lack of a physical presence.  To help each other out, any Subscribers who enjoy a Coffee/Tea/Hot Choc with me will find a message uniquely for them (written by a Subscriber in a big, fat notebook) whom I'd met a few days before.  The message will be addressed to the next Subscriber to open the book - YOU - and will provide encouragement/wisdom/inspiration.  In turn, you write your own message to the next Subscriber I'll be meeting.  You may not know who they're going to be (sometimes I won't even know yet!) but you'll know that you're gifting them important human connection & positivity.  They might be going through a tough time & your message can help them turn it around.

Free Picnics / Parties

There'll be FREE picnics/parties to attend, out in NATURE all over the UK!  No alcohol but free vegan snacks/treats & room to boogie!


I loved meeting Joshna in the Milly Van this March :-) Much peach tea & coffee consumed!

I got to meet the fabulous Jo & Mark!


"Super cosy yet with plenty of natural light which makes it very welcoming. The most wonderful host (of course) and the lovely little one who’s always up for a cheeky nose lick. I felt like I could talk about anything and you’ve always been a good listener!" - Juliette Lee (Van Visitor)


The incredible Sophie!  Also a peach tea drinker (From Partner, The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company.)


" 'Consciously Connected' gives me the chance to help more than one charity and enjoy the picnic & party invites!" - Georgie R


"I am joining CC because I love the idea of being part of a community dedicated to changing our perspective about life and humanity, and reconnecting with nature and others in a more conscious way." - Ed P



- Randomly for the £25 Hamper - the Winner is drawn 22:00 & contacted within 24hrs.

- You MUST claim your prize within 30 days otherwise your winning ticket will be withdrawn for TWO people to win the next month.

- If you just LOVE one of Milly's Partner Companies and want to buy all of your Hamper from them - like Fire Toys, Energy Ball Recipes or Boobalou- 'Mission Milly' will pay that company the £25 winnings on your behalf and you can order what you want from them to be delivered to your home.