Support UK Wildlife In Law


Fundamentally upgrading our human relationship - as a nation - with our UK wildlife by proposing unprecedented legislation to balance our human rights with those of our UK wildlife.

Currently I am working (Zoom meetings & phone calls adding up to approx. 15hrs a week) collaborating with 100s of UK wildlife & other professionals to propose amendments on UK Animal Welfare law.

Your monthly patronage will contribute towards covering daily costs with 50% specifically funding working with the animal-specialist solicitors, 'Advocates For Animals' in shaping our proposals...

HAVE YOUR SAY - You'll be invited to give your opinion on how UK wildlife could be best protected & supported in UK law.

MONTHLY REPORT - You will receive monthly progress reports on the 28th of every month, so that you can oversee our developments and be assured that your financial support is being used wisely.

Thank you SO much for supporting this work.  Alana xx