Home Habitats UK


Would you like to see as much of the derelict housing as possible in the UK repurposed into BOTH quality homes for the homeless AND valuable wildlife habitat simultaneously?  

I am speaking (daily) with charities who repurpose derelict housing for homeless people. I am collaborating with these charities by enabling them (with 'green' funding) to renovate these same properties as homes/habitats for humans & wild lives alike: with bird bricks, bat houses, green walls and bee bricks, to name a few eco-improvements.

80% of your monthly patronage would go into the 'Green Funding Pot' to donate to those who are purchasing & repurposing derelict housing in the UK (the green funding would contribute towards bird bricks, bee bricks, bat boxes and other eco-modifications for the charities to install into their buildings - as well as supporting their other renovations - for the new houses to support UK local wildlife as well as becoming a fresh start for anyone who needs it).

MONTHLY REPORT - You will receive monthly progress reports on the 28th of every month, so that you can oversee our developments and be assured that your financial support is being used wisely.

Thank you SO much for supporting this work. Alana xx