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Bird & Wild - The ONLY Bird Friendly Coffee In The UK

What is bird friendly coffee?

Bird & Wild is the only UK available, 'bird friendly' coffee. That means that instead of massive (miles and miles and miles) of trees and habitat being torn up for coffee plantations, Bird & Wild works with small farmers to grow coffee amongst the current trees and habitats of natural forests, so that no birds (especially migratory birds) lose their home & lives...  As a consequence of being grown in rich, nourished soil, the farmers are organic & they are also paid a fair trade wage: so that everyone wins.

Please do buy your coffee from them if you can.

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

As standard, 98% of their products are sent plastic free (teas like Lapsang, Earl Grey, herbs like Valerian Root will still be in plastic). 

For the best cup of tea, you start with quality leaves and the UK Loose Leaf Tea Company only offer the finest teas and infusions from around the world.

Click on the pics below and then the 'Go To Link' option (when the pic pops up!) to purchase direct from the Sponsors.

(Their websites feature the full, extensive range of their products, so there's far more to choose from than just the examples below).

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