'Wildscape My Homestead Money Pot'





How It Works

A.  £8 (of your £10 monthly subscription) automatically lands in the 'Wildscape My Homestead Money Pot' AND EVERY MONTH one lucky subscriber - maybe YOU - wins the total amount in the pot (80% of ALL subscriptions). 


B.  To apply for the pot, you just fill in this APPLICATION FORM before midnight on the 26th of every new month, explaining how you would use the prize money to help your local wildlife by 'wildscaping your homestead' - let YOUR home/garden become THEIR habitat too.


C.  You all vote - All applications are published in a newsletter on the 28th of each month for you (the community of subscribers) to vote on who should win that month.


D.  Winners are announced at 13:00 on the 1st of each month.  Winners will receive the funds through bank transfer by midnight on 1st of each month.


-- Once a month you can apply to be granted the 'Wildscape My Homestead Money Pot' to fund those larger wildscaping ventures - here's some home/garden ideas - that you've dreamed about.

-- You'll become a member of the exclusive 'Wildscaping My Homestead' Facebook group where I can offer one-to-one advice & where you can share wildscaped home/garden tips/ideas with other subscribers.

-- The £2 a month (of your £10 subscription) that goes towards ALL of Wildscaping Worldwide's efforts allows you to offset any currently hard-to-avoid impact you're having on our planet, through using phones/data/gas/electric/vehicle emissions.

How To Join In (Guaranteed £800)

The 'Homestead Money Pot' is going to launch on the 5th January 2022, with 100 Subscribers joining in, so that there will be a minimum £800 in the pot for someone to win, right from the start, EVERY month.

Fill in this form to secure your place as one of the original 100 Subscribers.


You'll receive a link to subscribe AND apply for the Money Pot at 11am on 26th April 2021.

Here's to wildscaping! Alana xxx